News - January 28 2020

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Sindonic - Jan 28th 2020 13:24

Hello Sprouts

We hope that 2020 is going well for you all. We are entering the final stages of archiving for the Great Griffia Clean up and in anticipation of shutting down TheAnubianEmpire and Fluffletales. All Anubian and Fluffian games have been moved over to Bagbeans as of last weekend.  As well many of our old changelogs, news updates, and item usage sections have been deleted. All changelogs are permanently archived and some comment chains (for former ETOIs) have been cataloged and archived in case we need them for questions or time stamps.

What Are We Working On?:
Right now we are focusing on automating the marketplace stores. Players will be able to instantly purchase items, pets, and other goods from the newly automated marketplace. At the same time, we are working on new art assets for the site. As well in the background, we are currently focusing on re-writing guides, rules, FAQs for WG. These assets are very important for the future clarity of the website. 

We are still having a look at all the in-group and WG games, their drops, and everything related to them. We decided to have a 3-4 month observational period just to see how things were running was a good idea. We have been observing since November.  However, currently, we are focusing on information and asset creation. Edits to games will be a future update but we just wanted to make it very clear we are looking at it and intending to make changes. 

News - January 18 2020

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Sindonic - Jan 18th 2020 21:03

Hello Sprouts!

The Trophies for the Festive Chronopod Prompt have been awarded. We have not had time to do a prompt like this in a while, in the past we awarded trophies for them. So we are continuing with that practice! The winners are:


The trophies were chosen by some of our mods so each winner has received a Prompt Trophy.

News - January 15 2020

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Sindonic - Jan 15th 2020 21:42

Hello, Sprouts 

The server is live meaning we have changed how art is uploaded to WG. Below is a tutorial on how to upload art. This section is for Avatar, Form 1, and Form 2. These changes will still be approved by a moderator but that will now be through the site. Changes to offical art still need to be made here:

A few people had questions about the size of the art shown on a Griffian's ML after the update. Those who right-click and choose View Image/Open Image in another Tab noticed that the image received remains the same size as what is displayed on the Masterlist itself, rather than the full-size as it does on DA.

That does not mean you cannot view the fullsize image! When you right-click and choose View Image/Open Image in another Tab you will get a URL like this: To view the fullsize version, simply swap out the word "medium" in the URL to the word "original". You will be able to view it in the original size it was stored as. The images are displayed in a smaller format on the site because we are hosting them on a server now. The Masterlist is intended to be a resource for information more so than a full gallery portfolio like DA. Both sizes for the file are available using the above changes!

News - January 11 2020

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Sindonic - Jan 11th 2020 19:26

Hello, Sprouts!

Happy New Year! This is a quick update about the website. As we said before we went on break - we purchased a server to host Griffians official artwork and members avatar uploads. We also have built an interface for members to upload these images straight to WG rather than going through a comment. Members images will still need to be approved by a moderator but now it will all be done through the site.

This news update is to make all members aware that in the coming days WG will be down for a few hours on the day we make that conversion. Please do not be alarmed if WG is offline for multiple hours this week.

News - December 8 2019

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griffsnuff - Dec 8th 2019 14:59

Hello Sprouts!

A quick update about our visual master list. The links are stable right now but we want to ensure our masterlist’s stability for the future. We will be moving images to a server setup rather than using DA links. We are doing this simply as a precaution,
when looking into a few reported broken image links reported by a sprout we found an issue with those url links that were saved prior to the WIX rework. Though all saved links post change to WIX in our system have had no issues reported as of this update you are reading, we have looked into longer-term image storage so that no matter if WIX or eclipse changes, we can ensure the storage of Masterlist Images. In order to do this, we have made the decision to purchase a dedicated server for all hosting of Masterlist Images. Though it was not our intention to ever become a hosting site when we started this journey.


Devlog [200221]

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Sindonic - Feb 20th 2021 23:40
Magic Familiar Changes, Pelsuar/ Ealeg Art, General changes.

Devlog [060221]

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Sindonic - Feb 6th 2021 23:11
Art Additions for Febuary, Pet Aisle opened

Devlog [230121]

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Sindonic - Jan 24th 2021 01:49
Magic Progress, Token Updates, General Fixes

Devlog [121220]

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Sindonic - Dec 13th 2020 01:19
Dev Log for Saturday 12th, December, 2020

Devlog [041220]

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Sindonic - Dec 4th 2020 10:18
December 4th, 2020 dev log. Notification System, art additions, and more!

Devlog [211120]

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Sindonic - Nov 21st 2020 22:56
Dev log for November 21st, 2020.