Devlog [29112020]

griffsnuff - Nov 30th 2020 03:09


Farming diploma updated

Advanced farming diploma updated

Gardening diploma updated

Advanced gardening diploma updated

Fishing diploma updated

Advanced fishing diploma updated

Occupation diploma updated

Adventure diploma updated

Builder diploma updated

Cropea Scroll

Updated the Soulbond Trial Art with Pisum

Added art for the TBA Elemental Class

Added art for the TBA Cropea Class



Cropea scroll added to items

Beed Pillow added to items

Pisum Plushie added to items



User page claim area updated as a button.

User roles added under username on user profile.

Opening Containers has been moved to a button on the inventory tab of the user profile. Once clicked a popup box will appear.



All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.

Duncan is preparing to participate in a News pamphlet with meme about some companion misinformation and taking the role as Griffia's New Zoologist