Devlog [231020]

griffsnuff - Oct 23rd 2020 22:22


Black Triangle: Freedom Arise

Art for Dragon Slayer 2020 has been replaced

Updated art for the Lures

Updated art for the Time supply

Updated Map for Treasure Hunt

Art for Age stages / header Relic Companion added to their resource page

Plushie for Ficus added

Plushie for Mephesto added


Official Splicing Rules added to Art Rules

New prize list to the Prize list page (old one is still there)

Added missing items and new items to void well 

Lore and info added to the Smol resource page

Lore and info added to Pet resource page

Lore added to Relic companion resource page



All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.


The press has been hot with questions for Zephyr this past few days, and it seems like there is a big crowd gathering around Neo..