Devlog [230121]

Sindonic - Jan 24th 2021 01:49


Sidekick pages updated with new format
Fixed the size of the cosmetic and time activity boxes on the ML
Fixed the indigenous on guardian masterlist to prototype.
Current dev work list added to homepage


Basic magic lore created
NPC Page Quest Completed
Clarified that only Griffolk must unlock sidekicks for bays tokens. Companions can simply be drawn with the sidekick to count
Clarified that Companions cannot yet complete the Titan up for Bays tokens. More info will be added later.
Clarified that Art made for Bays tokens must be fullbody unless stated otherwise


Future Update

Next time the site goes down for maintainence we will be buffing Monnie and Frootie

- Frootie will have Splice Fruits added to its droplist

- We will increasing Monnies lowest bonus and adding an additional highest bonus


Clarified that art submitted for Bays tokens must be uploaded to a deviantART gallery
Feedback has been read and considered


Quest is estatic that he was the first one to get a NPC page