Devlog [200221]

Sindonic - Feb 20th 2021 23:40


Header Art Added to Pelsuar Page
Header Art Added to Ealeg Page

Ealeg Ages Added to Ealeg Page
Pelsuar Ages Added to Pelsuar  Page

GIC -Ealeg Skeleton 
GIC -Ealeg Uncommon Coat
GIC -Pelsuar Skeleton  Alpha
GIC -Pelsuar Skeleton Beta
GIC -Pelsuar Skeleton Delta
GIC -Pelsuar Skeleton  Omega
GIC -Uncommon Coat Beta
GIC -Uncommon Coat Delta
GIC -Uncommon Coat  Omega

Pead Offical Art
Beed Offical Art
Sead Offical Art
Leed Offical Art
Need Offical Art



Phytes added to pets page
Lore - Ealeg
Lore - Pelsuar
Chronopods can now be uncharges through errors



Added the rule "The max amount of slots that can be chosen is 50." This rule was accidently removed when multi-character was removed

Frootie Prize List has had a Splicer Fruit added

Monnie Rates have changed

x30 GC
x40 GC
x50 GC
x75 GC
x100 GC
x300 GC

Prize Lists and Magic Familiar Pages have been updated to reflect this. 



Made time supply usage easier to find from Time Loot Page. It is still featured with all other mod approval on the ARPG tab.

All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.