Devlog [181220]

griffsnuff - Dec 18th 2020 11:54


Mining Shack for Trial hub

Advanced Mining Diploma added

Duncan NPC Trial Art

Guy NPC Trial Art

Official art for Pelsaur - delta added

Official art for Cafluffle - Gullit  added

Official art for ursaraptor - Cluster  added

Official art for ursaraptor - Stellar added

Official art for Rootalp - Sand added

Official art for Rootalp - ash added

Official art for kittecurra - destroyer added

Official art for Paraglire - parawhale added

Official art for Reed - Woof added

Official art for snych - Tropical added

Official art for ursaraptor - Minor added

2021 Participation Critter

Love Shells, River and ocean added

Love Chip, Annunaki added

Love Bundle, Helper added

Love Pearl, Aurafaunt and Crystalfaunt added

Love Bulb, Shamanlee and Witchlee added

24 New Tokens added

Love raffle has gotten new artwork

Eather forge has gotten new artwork



Mining Trial page linked to Trial hub

24 New Tokens added to Bays Tokens

ARPG Page updated with visual navigations

G Mart / Griffia New market is live



Registration page removed, Automatic registration icons moved to Resource page tab in preperation for visual resoruce navigation. Mod approval registration added to ARPG page Tab

Love Raffle will is now weekly game instead of monthly game



Old Bay tokens have been removed from page



All Eather Beast Errors repaired on users ML's 

All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.


Happy holidays! This is the last Devlog for 2020!