Devlog [090121]

griffsnuff - Jan 16th 2021 13:45



Uncommon coats Gic cards added to the ursaraptor page

DTA - Guardian has been added to the group page.



Deadline for Style Prompt has changed from 15th to the end of the months

Guaridans subtype error, They are ment be Prototype and not indigenous and will be fixed on the CYO page and the Masterlist asap!


Site Responsiveness (mobile friendly)

We are begining to make the site more mobile friendly that is what site responsiveness is. You need to turn on this feature. It can be turned on by clicking your avatar and going to prefrences. New pages will slowly become responsive.

  • Added a preferences page where users can change website preferences
  • Added a "Website responsiveness" preference that will enable responsiveness on pages that have been marked responsive (Mobile)
  • News page is now responsive
  • News articles are now responsive
  • User dashboard page is now responsive
  • Masterlist index page is now responsive
  • Masterlist character page is now responsive
  • Void Well page is now responsive
  • Top page navigation changes to a expandable dropdown on smaller screens
  • Sidebar navigation changes to an expandable menu on smaller screens


Site General

  • Changed the default paginator CSS to match the theme of the website
  • Added an icon for the World of Griffia Patreon to the footer
  • Made it possible for a user to delete messages from the Message Center (they're still visible on the user message logs page)
  • News articles and changelogs now have separate paginators
  • Fixed inconsistency in url colors on the register page
  • Fixed long character themes overflowing their container on the masterlist index page
  • You now click on the "update avatar" button instead of the avatar image to change your avatar


Site Masterlist character Page

  • You no longer open a modal with a dropdown to select the default image, instead you select toggle the image you want as default and press the "set as default" button
  • The character species is now prefixed with "Species:"
  • The character subtype is now prefixed with "Subtype:"
  • Hybrid subtypes are now visible at all times instead of only when you hover over the main subtype
  • Character cosmetics are now displayed on separate tabs in a single box
  • The "unlock cosmetic" button has been moved to inside the cosmetics box
  • The "fix cosmetics" button has been to inside the cosmetics box
  • The "remove relationships" button has been moved to inside the relationships tab in the "data" box
  • The "enchant" button has been moved to inside the time activities box



All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.