Devlog [140820]

griffsnuff - Aug 14th 2020 13:18


Updated and Renamed Tiki Hopper - Tiki Mermaid

Updated and Renamed Tiki Easter - Tiki Fairy

Tiki Added - Elf

Tiki Added - Beast

Tiki Added - Angel

Updated Wooden Figures x4

Griffian Info Cards x14

Floop page Banner and age stages artwork



Dystbunny lore and subtype lore

Floop Lore and subtype lore



Pelsaurs are now a Fluffian Companion

Gullit is now a Feral subtype of Cafluffle

The limit of open species on Griffolk has been removed and because of this the following changes has happened:

Buntton is now a third subtype of Dystbunny

Snytas is a fifth subtype of Snych

Snytas has been renamed to Cave snych

Snytas now has wings unlocked

Old cave feral snych coloration will be reused on a snytas coat

Subtypes will be manually ported over to their new masterlists.



Mascots missing bags as perk when being created - this will be fixed on already exsisting mascots later

If you applied a bag with proof through item usage, you can get it redeemed

Increased how many items are visible at the same time in the inventory

Added sorting to the inventory, by type, name or amount (type is default)

Added all currency items to the top right corner of the user dashboard

Added a number showing how many reward containers the user has

All Feedback up to date has been read and concidered.



Pelsaurs has migrated to fluffia

Prince Sandal has gotten extra soft pillows for his Throne this week

Griffians are gathering in fluffia..