Devlog [121220]

Sindonic - Dec 13th 2020 01:19


All 31 Tokens have received new art

Added Edible - Beed Bun

Added Edible - Need Bun

Added Edible - Sead Bun

Added Edible - Pead Bun

Added Edible - Leed Bun

New Market Artwork created


Token Bundles for 2021 have been set up on Bays Token page ( the old ones will be removed on january 1st 2021)


- Rule added to tokens: Multiple characters in the same picture cannot both claim Tokens.

- ARPG tab reorganized to be more logical and clarify deadlines

- Item transfers has been moved from the market to approvals in the ARPG tab

- Ticket Booth has been moved to Festivities in the ARPG tab

- Arpg Progress Game, Crafty Corner, and Treasure hunt moved to weekly in the ARPG tab from Games

- Art Style Prompts, Companion Favor, and timeloot moved to Montly in the ARPG tab from Games/Festivities

- Bays Tokens, Trial Hub, and Winning flower moved to Activities

- Pisum's Love Raffle renamed to Love Raffle (url/slug will be changed later and is still pisumsloveraffle)

- Art Stlye Prompts renamed to Style Prompts

- ARPG Progress Game renamed to Progress Game (url/slug will be changed later)


All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.

Duncan and Podrick is in the process of merging the markets.