Devlog [120920]

griffsnuff - Sep 13th 2020 03:26


New official art for All Terradragons

New official art for all Guardians 



New "Fix Cosmetics button" This button on the masterlists, auto fixes blessed forms and other form issues. It does not fix missing items or elemental status gained from enchanted, so go to errors for that if it is still missing.

Created a Rules and Tutortials as seperate category for Home tab

Rules renamed to General Rules

Created Art Rules page

Created Tutorials page

Magic Familiar Button added to Registrations 

Companion Theme Biscuit added to Item shop

Added character filtering by companion and griffolk on the user dashboard

Added sorting by name, price low-high and price high-low to shops

Added Spliced Limb mutation to masterlists (more info TBA)

Added all the missing forms to Masterlist 

Orm, Plesiopod, Novinaut names has been added to the ARPG forms list. (more info TBA)

Hopper froms from the event and retired Glass hopper species, is in the process of being added to all Griffians.



Renamed Soulmate to Soulbound



Removed Snytas and Bunton forms (since they have been combined with Snych and Dystbunny)



Fixed duping bug when moving items between users and characters



If you are missing forms that did not auto transfer with the update, go to errors. Example Blessed status is unlocked but the forms on the forms list are not.

Feedback has been read and considered.


Griffians have been experiencing a high level of Dejavu lately..

15 is not the number this month, the Griffian weather prophet is saying..