Devlog [9112020]

Sindonic - Nov 9th 2020 23:03


Eather Enhancement page created -

Added feature that allows users to hide/show their Griffian's on their user profile. This allows users to make their Griffians active or inactive.

Added feature that allows users to order/srort their Griffians by: Number, Theme, and Species

User profiles now store "prefrences" set by the user. (ex: Users can set their Griffians to diplay by number and that setting will be saved so the Griffians always appear by number)

Add a "select all" button in the inventory management modal

Website Footer added

Search by Subtype added to masterlist and user profiles


Updated the wording in the eatherforge for some of the enhancements to make it more clear that the fool, star and hollow are mutations not color.

Changed lure art in Winning Flower

Made the user dropdown in item transfers filterable for all users to enable easier searching on mobile.



Event Booth Closed