Devlog [090121]

griffsnuff - Jan 9th 2021 04:04


Novinaut Griffolk forms added

Novinaut Titan forms added

Plushie - Woem

Plushie - Princess Fauntina

Award - Medal -  Treasure Hunter

Age stages and Header artwork added to Ursaraptor Page

Skeletons added to Ursaraptor Page


Lore piece about Nova in the Lore Resource section 

Prize Bundles to Bay's Tokens

New Rule added to Bays tokens when it comes to earn Prize bundles with open species.

Clarified on the ARPG Progress game that each griffians can only take up one slot

Lore added to Ursarapor Page

Tempriarily added the News pamphlets under Resources - Culture 

Added the Color, mutations and size enhancements to all Totem sidekick.



Multi Character version of Treasure hunt



All old love items have gotten base colors added to their masterlist

All Retired species got the old mutations and forms added to their masterlist

All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.

Quest has been on the trail to try and document the Plesiopods, but they are evasive...