Devlog [07082020]

griffsnuff - Aug 7th 2020 06:55


Pet added (Nek egg)

Pet added (Nek clay)

Pet added (Nek Metal)

Pet added (Nek Moss)

Pet added (Nek Spot)

Pet added (Budbird Malapple)

Pet added (Budbird Raveony)

Pet added (Pyrangle Dye)

Pet added (Pyrangle Mauve)

Event Ticket added



Added new pets to Pet shop

All active comments have been added to site pages


Bug Fixes

Sale history on masterlist was missing and is now fixed

Magic familiars missing star upgrades

Missing Log out button

Missing Common status on new designs 

Repaired Winning Flower showing a negative GC balance and allowing users to roll for eternity - woof 

Character avatar upload permission error

Optimize memory usage on user dashboard page load


Lorem ipsum text on Griffian pages is not an language error, it is placeholder text.

Pet page has been formatted

All Feedback up to date has been read and concidered.



Hoobus and Boobus have been arrested for shady buisness.

Ashclouds over Fluffia have been rolling in..