Devlog [070321]

Sindonic - Mar 8th 2021 03:25


Item - Nek - Diamond
Item - Nek - Bark
Item - Phyte - Moods
Item - Meme Plushie Added
Item - Duncan Plushie Added
Lore - Origami Riceraptor
Shop - New pets added

Rule - All activities hosted through the ARPG have their own designated rules. Please ensure you read all rules featured on pages before participating. If users are participating in games that require Griffolk to participate, the Griffolk must be listed under the users name to redeem rewards. Griffolk that are traded or transferred before banking can be completed will not receive prizes as the Griffian is no longer in the user's possession. (added upon community request) 


All Decomporphs merged into Origami Rice Raptors 

All Decomorphs given new Origami automatic mutations

Updated and Clarified the rules of Crafty Corner the Griffian needing to be present in the art. Rules Updated and renumbered to accommodate new additions

All Indigenous Griffolk were accidentally set to Bagbean - Indigenous. This error has been repaired and auto mutations have been fixed. 

Made the turn in description on the trial page more clear.

All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.