Devlog [6112020]

griffsnuff - Nov 6th 2020 23:45


Prompt Page added - 

Eather Enhancment page Created and added to Resoruces -

Item Transfers / Automated Item Trade between Users.



Dragon Beed

Void Need

Petition - Where is our Dragon Beed added

Q and A Art Added

Unatural coats added to Relic Page



Weekly games have been updated with all the changes outlined here: 

Time Loot has been updated with all the changes outlined here: 

"Getting Started" Guide has been revised and updated: 

Ficus's Stories changed to Event Stories to contain misc lore from events 

Updated Prize List - 

Updated Navigation Page - 

NPC Pages reformated - still pending information

Updated Rule 4.7 to apply not only to official designs but redesigns. Wording was unclear and seemed to pretain only to offical designs. 

Updated the Lure art look in the void well to showcase the new art.



Games - Beango

Games - Gambit

Games - Style Challenge

Games - Weekly theme affecting  all games



Event and Event Games Banked and Closed

Time Activity Pages Updated

Added summarys/ table of contents to all comment hubs. 

Participation Critters Banked for 2020 

Splice fruit backlog completed - go to errors if something is missing

Duplicate Adventure Diplomas deleted - go to errors if you still have doubles

Fixed broken link to treasure hunt on the Getting started page.

Chronopods updated with the new prize lists and how to obtain them

All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.

Becca and Neo has been spotted traveling around Beania chit chatting up a storm..

The Dragon Beeds are swarming and happy.