Devlog [041220]

Sindonic - Dec 4th 2020 10:18


Updated Soulbond diploma word Soulmate with Soulbond

Added Mining Ribbon

Added Advanced Mining Ribbon

Added Mining Diploma

Added Wood Pickaxe

Added Corrupted Pickaxe

Added Purified Pickaxe

Added Book - The Seam: All Seeing

Added Stamp - Rainy's Gold Star

Griffian info cards and art added to the Pixi resource page

Griffian info cards and art added to the Geotura resource page


** The Alpha version of the messaging/notification system is now live on the site. This system is to notify users when automated approvals are accepted, declines (avatars, claims, ect), when trades are pending/aceppted, as well as other administrative functions. This function is not for messaging user-to-user and we have no intention of doing so. However, it does now allow mods to give explainations of why things were declined. This system is essential for future features and delivering information to users. We are still testing it and establishing its functions.

Text and lore for the Pixi - Resource page

Text and lore for the Geotura - Resource page

Changed Occupation Trial NPC text from Kent to Duncan

Changed Soulbond Trial NPC Text from Sweetheart/Honey to Pisum

Added Beania Universtiy introduction Text

Added Beania Headmaster NPC Fava Text

Added Capria Academy introduction Text

Added Fluffia Collage introduction Text

Added the Elemental Class + Text ( Will open in 2021)

Added the Cropea Class + Text (Will open in 2021)

Added Mining Trial page + Text (Will open in 2021 this is not linked anywhere right now)

Bunble moth and bunble fly are renamed to Bunble lepi and have been merged

Bunble beetle and bunble glow have been merged into Bunblebeetle.

Bunble - Bunblemoth subtype is an uncommon coat for bunblefly

Bunble - Bunbleglow subtype is an uncommon coat for bunblebeetle

Pelsaur - Zeta feral subtype is an uncommon coat for Alpha

Facet - Prong feral subtype is an uncommon coat for diamon

Seashimi - Baronshimi feral subtype is a uncommon coat for Warriorshimi

Geotura - Ore feral subtype is an uncommon coat for Boulder

Geotura - Jewel feral subtype is an uncommon coat for Pebble


Some feral companions got turned into Uncommon coat for tamable Companions


Added Discord Rules to Site under rules

Updated Tutorials to reflect minor user profile changes

All feedback has been read and considered

Ficus is predicting a lot mystery eminating from item resources this December.