Devlog [040920]

griffsnuff - Sep 5th 2020 08:24




Hop-a-long Event

All Ticket games are banked

All Participation critters added to participants (if you joined a ticket game or an event game and do not have one, go to errors)



Floop Plush

Lucky Gift container Item

Monnie Gift container Item

Frootie Gift container Item

Soulmate Ribbon Item



Smols can now be sacrificed to the void well again for 2 GC, except 4 of them which has a higher price

Feral and Elemental can now be purchased through the berry stand

Feral and Elemental is unlockable on the masterlist.

Hyperlinked all weekly game statuses to the weekly game prompt archive for easy acsess. Older weekly games are not linked.

Companions can now soulmate and do trials together if soulmated.

Companions can now join Love Raffle, if they win they will receive a love petal instead of Love voucher.

Lucky, Frootie and Monnie rolls are now item containers that is banked upon magic familiar bonus collection and can be opened on a users page just like Lures and treasure bean



Soulmate renamed to Soulbond


Old Lucky Drop list (from least rare to rarest)

  • 10 Gold coins
  • Uber dye fruit
  • 20 Gold Coins
  • Chronopod voucher
  • Status Berry voucher
  • Treasure Bean & Beankey


New Lucky List (from least rare to rarest)

  • Time water
  • Fertilizer
  • Treasure Bean  (now seperated since they cannot be given at the same time in containers)
  • Beankey  (now seperated since they cannot be given at the same time in containers)
  • Chronopod voucher
  • Statusberry Vouchwer


Old Frootie List 

  • Ability fruit
  • Fool fruit
  • Glow Fruit
  • Hollow fruit
  • Shapeshifter fruit
  • Star fruit

New Frootie List 

  • Fool fruit
  • Star fruit
  • Hollow fruit
  • Ability fruit
  • Shapeshifter fruit
  • Glow fruit
  • Tamer fruit
  • Uber dye Fruit (Frootie wanted his fruit back from lucky)


Old Monnie List

  • 5 Gold coins


New Monnie List (from least rare to rarest)

  • 15 Gold coins
  • 25 Gold Coins
  • 30 Gold Coins
  • 50 Gold Coins
  • 75 Gold Coins
  • 100 Gold Coins 


Note: Everone has the possibility to use the old magic familiar lists until its no longer the 5th of October 2020. If you want to use the old lists, say so when claiming magic familiar bonus or a magic familiar item container will be added to your bank.



Old Ally Bonus

Old Passives

Old Redemptions (Diamon approvals are open until it is no longer 5th of September 2020)

Old Adventure and discovery trials.



Devlog for August 29th was skipped since it was in the middle of an event.

There is issues with the safari browser, we suggest using chrome or firefox.

All Feedback up to date has been read and concidered.

Something shiny has been spotted in the northen sky hmm..

dirty-canadian Feedback: dA comment bug workaround

Eclipse link problem Hello, I noticed it was mentioned in the time loot comment so heres what o found out about it When submitting a link on DeviantArt eclipse, there's a bug that will make all the link leads to the last link in the comment. This tend to happen during copy past To resolve this I found the best option is to make sure to click enter or space after the link is entered (it turn bold) that generally does the trick