Devlog [032021]

Sindonic - Mar 21st 2021 04:26


Item - Pet Floranid - Ivee
Item - Pet Floranid - Shroomin
Item - Pet Floranind - Petally
Lore - Seashimi 
Art- Seashimi skeleton, ages, headers, uncommon coatsx4
Art- Cafflufle ages
Art- Cafflufle Headers
Art- Cafflufle Lore
Art- Bunble ages
Art- Bunble Headers
Art- Bunble Lore

Clairfication - Text added to Removals in Account Support clarifying chronopods can be uncharged in that chain

Sub-Type - All boof Cafflufles are now Garden

Clarification - There have been many figurines submitted to Crafty Corner that do not match the Griffolks markings. We are going to become much more strict in this activity. Make sure if you are participating in Crafty Corner and you create a simpler version of your Griffians with simpler colors and missing markings that you go through dye usage and get it officially added to avoid your entry being declined.

Clarification - Some Tokens have been clarified that they need additional full-body characters

ARPG Progress- Added NPC as an option to be included in artwork instead of just natural coat companions. 


Error - Due to a error all Fornlees (except indigenous) were missing the whisker auto-mutation perk. It has been repaired. 


We have gotten a lot of feedback about allowing all 4 magic familiars to be unlocked again. We adressed that here. We hear you and just want to remind everyone we are doing that. We are currently working dilligently on the lore,art, and information backlog, untill we make more progress on that we will not be making edits or additions to any current systems.

All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.