Changelog - December 2 2019

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Sindonic - Dec 2nd 2019 23:34

We are happy to announce the deleted art for Cafflufles and Parasplicers has been added. The original artist contacted us and reuploaded everything.

News - December 1 2019

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Sindonic - Dec 1st 2019 22:42


Winners For Orivember 2019
Note: All Prizes have been banked!

Winning Team for most points:
Ophiuchus has won with a total of 1005 points! Each member will receive the Leg-endary Trophy.

News - November 30 2019

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Sindonic - Nov 30th 2019 03:49

Hello Sprouts,

I am happy to announce that we have uploaded what we can, and the visual masterlist is LIVE. Please remember that if you encounter bugs or have ideas for quality-of-life changes you should post suggestions to our feedback box!

This is the base version of the Masterlist. As time goes on and we add more features, the masterlist will change to accommodate other automated areas.

What Can I Do Myself:
- Apply all cosmetics yourself except Dye Use (yes if you apply enough mutation fruits you get the status)
- Remove Relationships yourself
- Add Pets, Smols, and Chronopods to your Griffolk’s and Companions’ inventories
- Add Biographies (Missues of this box will result in bans or loss of ARPG privileges. No sexual themes, cursing, or harassment.)

What I need a Mod to do:
- Apply Trials
- Apply Dye Use
- Apply Tokens
- Apply base relationships
- Apply Sidekicks (Magic Familiar/Eather Beasts)
- Apply charged Chronopods to your time activities
- Transfer Characters

My Griffolk has no art?:
As we stated in the last news update, there is some art we do not own and the original artist has deleted it. There is nothing we can do about this. We have all of this art saved in an archive, but we do not have the right to just upload and host it somewhere due to DMCA. You as a player also cannot host others’ art without permission. This predominantly affects the parasplicers and cafflufles. Dye approval and Avatar approval moderators will have access to the original images, so players can still use Dyes, and draw avatars based on the originals. If players need the original image of any of these Griffians, please note the group and we will do our best to help you.

The best we can suggest to you is to draw an avatar of these Griffolk. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

My Griffolk has no art - I own a Love Item Griffian, CYO, Maze/Haze, or formerly Retired Species:
We do not own your art! You are required to host these images, not us! All Love Item Griffians, CYO, Maze/Haze, or formerly Retired Species art goes under avatar - meaning you need to provide us a stable DA link to these images and reply to have them applied to your Griffian.

Diamons or former Mod Monsters
Diamons - formerly known as Mod Monsters - have gone through a lot of changes in their time in Griffia. They are now under the Facet species. Rather than upload the old looks, we wanted to leave it up to players. If you would like to apply your Diamons’ art to the ML it will need to be applied It will go under the avatar section. 

Companions Layered with Griffolk
Some companions were drawn in images with Griffolk. The original GA will be drawing new official art for free for those players affected. They will be rebased as they were in the original art. This is not a free rebase, just a courtesy. They may be on a base, or may be hand drawn. It is up to the original artist. 

Changelog - November 30 2019

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griffsnuff - Nov 30th 2019 02:37

ADDITION - Void Well
Status Vouchers and Love Vouchers can now be thrown into the void well for GC. 

Old Changelog

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griffsnuff - Nov 20th 2019 07:43

Moved over from old deviantART journals


Previously we had allowed Bagbean themes to be duplicated when they had duplicate meanings. An example of this is Bloody Mary (Spooky Scary) and Bloody Mary (Drink). We are no longer allowing duplication in this way for the sake of our search function. Duplication across sub types was not allowed for the other species either so we are mirroring it for the Bagbean, mostly to prevent confusion. We intend to release a guide on Bagbean themes. We will not be changing any existing themes for players this is more of a PSA.