Weekly Game Update

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griffsnuff - Oct 2nd 2020 21:41

Hello sprouts, 
We hope you are having a smashing time during the current dragon event!

Passive Update

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Sindonic - Aug 1st 2020 08:52

Hello Sprouts!

We are here with a really large update. We are rested and glad to be back from our break. We have a lot of changes, information, and content to explain so let's just dive in. There is way more stuff going on that we have planned and are working on, but this update is already incredibly large and intimidating so we are only covering what we know is coming out now and in the next month.

Quick Reminders
- Time Loot occurs on August 5th! This is to give users some time to get trials and item usage approved.

- Account Claims submitted over the break accidentally got deleted when we went down for maintenance. Please resubmit them if you submitted while we were gone.

- Give us at least 24 hours to get all the new comments posted. We are juggling a lot of updates. 

- There are many features on the site currently in alpha. Several interfaces will be improved in the next update. We just had to get this portion live. 

General Update 1

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griffsnuff - May 31st 2020 21:35

Hello Sprouts, 

The Mod team will be taking a break from June 15th to August 1st to recuperate from COVID-19 -related pressure. COVID-19 has affected some of our lives in a significant way. The entire ARPG will be closed except Griffian Transfers, Griffian Creation, and our Discord

News - January 28 2020

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Sindonic - Jan 28th 2020 13:24

Hello Sprouts

We hope that 2020 is going well for you all. We are entering the final stages of archiving for the Great Griffia Clean up and in anticipation of shutting down TheAnubianEmpire and Fluffletales. All Anubian and Fluffian games have been moved over to Bagbeans as of last weekend.  As well many of our old changelogs, news updates, and item usage sections have been deleted. All changelogs are permanently archived and some comment chains (for former ETOIs) have been cataloged and archived in case we need them for questions or time stamps.

What Are We Working On?:
Right now we are focusing on automating the marketplace stores. Players will be able to instantly purchase items, pets, and other goods from the newly automated marketplace. At the same time, we are working on new art assets for the site. As well in the background, we are currently focusing on re-writing guides, rules, FAQs for WG. These assets are very important for the future clarity of the website. 

We are still having a look at all the in-group and WG games, their drops, and everything related to them. We decided to have a 3-4 month observational period just to see how things were running was a good idea. We have been observing since November.  However, currently, we are focusing on information and asset creation. Edits to games will be a future update but we just wanted to make it very clear we are looking at it and intending to make changes. 


Devlog [151221]

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Sindonic - Dec 15th 2021 09:14
Fashion Fishy Page Complete, New Pets, Time Gala, Bugs

Devlog [151121]

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Sindonic - Nov 15th 2021 13:46
Back logging, Mus, Species name Changes, Taurus reintroduced.

Devlog [061121]

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Sindonic - Nov 7th 2021 06:48
Announcments, WF changes, Item Additions, Love Raffle automation.

Devlog [231021]

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Sindonic - Oct 24th 2021 04:59
General changes, NPC Additions, Auto Mutations Added

Devlog [021021]

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Sindonic - Oct 3rd 2021 05:01
Items, General Changes, Winning Flower Adjustments, Archiving, FAQ updates

Devlog [140921]

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Sindonic - Sep 15th 2021 01:16
General Changes, Bugs, Item Additions

Devlog [010921]

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Sindonic - Sep 2nd 2021 04:01
Gene Color backlog complete, items, general changes, bug reports, feedback

Devlog [270821]

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Sindonic - Aug 27th 2021 18:28
Quality of Life Changes, ARPG Separated into Game, Market, Home Page Update

Devlog [130821]

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Sindonic - Aug 14th 2021 07:16
Companion Backlog Complete, Project Progress Page, Item Backlog complete.