Weekly Game Update

griffsnuff - Oct 2nd 2020 21:41

Hello sprouts, 
We hope you are having a smashing time during the current dragon event!

Due to the event, we will not be completing a new companion page for October, and therefore Guest Artists will be making all the previous months companions for October. This includes the following

  • Riceraptor
  • Mycakit
  • Eek
  • Floop

Guest artist also has some Terradragons and guardians they are able to make during the Dragon event.
The plush for the month of October that you can get through crafty corner is going to be Ficus. He will be made ready for next week!

In November we are making some changes to the weekly games. While we are happy with the amount of prizes they award, we have seen players casually state the games stress them and we also are not happy with them. So the number of weekly games is being reduced so that the rest of the year feels less of a grind for everyone. 

- Weekly Theme that affects all the games
- Gambit of Fortune (comment and art version)
- Beango (comment and art version)
- Companion Favor
- Style Challenge

Item Changes
- Companion Favor Ribbon and the Gambit Cards will make a return in the future.
- Theme biscuit has been added to the item shop.

General Changes
Art of the week will be now chosen from entries into Crafty Corner and the new game below.


- New weekly game named ARPG Progress Game

This game allows up to 3 characters to participate, it has a optional tasks of challenges that if completed will unlock more prizes. Users can participate in this game without doing additional tasks if you only want to collect magic familiar bonuses or to enter the raffle. If you do, the art must be full body and colored.

This game has its own challenge each week that corresponds to the ARPG itself, challenges will be picked from our current activities like trials and tokens. Users participate in the challenge by completing those activities. This enables users to both join a game and progress a character at the same time. For example the week’s challenge could be farming. Players can participate in the trial, turn it in to both this game for GC prizes and trial approval.

Since this is a game but also completes a trial we decided to allow users to double dip with magic familiars. Users may turn in both the trial approval comment AND the game approval comment for magic familiar redemption.

We are sure some of you have already completed trials. While you cannot submit old art you can join the ARPG task of the week so long as a new artwork is submitted.(you can not submit it for trial approval again if it has already been approved once before).

This game also will host a raffle, the winner of this raffle will win the status voucher that style challenge used to award.

This game will also allow writing but only if trials are the challenge of the week. Be aware Magic Familiar bonus will not be collectable if users choose to write. 

Crafty Corner will be staying the same and getting its own theme of the week to be able to earn plushie of the month. We are also inceasing the "Finished sculpture or plushie of a Griffolk or Titan" from 150 to 200 GC awarded.

In Treasure Hunt Puckle is panicking because of the dragons (like he does every year) so he will be burying more treasure each week in the slots which means more prizes! This includes some exclusive swols you can only win in this game. They will be completed before November.

Treasure Hunt will no longer require art. Instead we will have two comments. Single character and multi character. The single character comment will allow 1 character with documentation to unlock more slots, and is the first game that allows magic familiars being used without being drawn.

The multi-characters comment is not changing and magic familiars cannot be used for this one.

Treasure Hunt will also begin hosting Puckles Pick Raffle, this new monthly raffle is held at the start of the month. All the winners during the previous month in treasure hunt are competing for a love petal and a 500 GC award. (if you won more than once during a month, you only be entered once)

Due to Beango closing, a 4th Love item is being added to the Pisum’s Monthly Love raffle.

This Game update goes live on November 1st,until then the current version will run normally. Here is a link to the new games should you want to check them out and get familiar with them before they are live. If you have any questions you can go to the Q/A here - https://worldofgriffia.com/faq

TBA ARPG Progress game - https://worldofgriffia.com/tbagame

TBA Treasure Hunt game - https://worldofgriffia.com/tbatreasurehunt