Pre 2021 Update

griffsnuff - Dec 3rd 2020 19:11


Hello Sprouts, 

This news update is a heads up for upcoming content for 2021. Also we are going on our annual holiday break December 15th - January 4th. Mods will be returning on the 4th of January. Time Loot for January will be done on January 10th instead of the 1st so keep a close eye on the Griffia Discord. The extension will give mods time to catch up on all jobs related to Time Loot and give users extra time to prepare coming back from their own holidays.

Other things to be aware of. Games will not be closing for the break!
Weekly games will be updated and re-opened each week but they will not be banked until the Mods return on the 4th.

Griffian Transfers will be updated during the break as usual.

Neo Interview
Meme will be releasing his highly anticipated interview with Neo sometime near Christmas. 


Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt will experience some changes in January. We are now allowing tokens to take up 1 slot, and portal passes will now give 3 slots instead of 1 for the “Single Character” Comment. The “Multi-Character” comment will be retired in favor of the “Single Character” comment. We are streamlining this game to be like the other games, we left “Multi- Character” open until we had a way for a “Single Character” to have the ability to  fill the 50 slots available that the multi comment has had since the game’s inception. These changes happen in January 2021.

We will be adding more Tokens before the time of this change so users have more than 50 choices, just in case a Trial or a Token does not work for a user's headcanon.

Every character will also get a “Treasure Hunter” award if they dig up any type of treasure in Treasure Hunt! This character bound award gets added to the character's inventory that won the prize. Your character can only be awarded the award once. Change out which character you use on Treasure Hunt each week if you want to get this award for multiple characters you own!

Users can start to complete Trials and Tokens now so you have at least 1 character ready for 2021 with 50 slots.


Token Update

In 2021 tokens are getting an update. Besides new tokens being added; all Tokens will be categorised into bundles instead of categories, which will award prizes when all the tokens in the “bundle” are completed. 

Example:  Character Development Bundle: consist of 5 token tasks which relate to character development. Once the user finishes all 5 of them all the user will unlock the prize!

Once the bundles are released all of the new bundles will have 1 new token in them each so that no backtracking is needed to go hunt for old token approval comments. These bundles will have a mix of themes and challenges to do. As a reminder users can use trial, game, and any personal artwork that fits the themes and challenges for tokens at any time if it has not been used for tokens already.


Future Automated Plots/Time Loot
We have begun the planning process for automating timeloot. Time activities will be included as a part of plots. These plots will be automated and will contain time activities and more. The time activities will automatically appear on your plot mature when an advanced trial is approved, there will no longer be any stages that need to be upgraded. In anticipation for this update we are recommending that  Users stop "void welling" their time supplies and chronopods and hold onto them.

This new plot system will require recharging chronopods after each use, rewatering time activities for them to activate, and re-fertilizing extra loot drops. The time supply items will be fundamentally more useful due to this change. We are mentioning this in the early stages of creation so users can start saving time supplies. The minimum loot (with no art) will always be enough to purchase everything you need to re-water, re fertilize, and recharge all the plot elements and still have a little extra for yourself. 

Time Loot will continue to run the same way it is now and run/banked by moderators until this plot system is completed. There is no due date yet for when it is ready and no more information is ready to be shared at this point.