Passive Update

Sindonic - Aug 1st 2020 08:52

Hello Sprouts!

We are here with a really large update. We are rested and glad to be back from our break. We have a lot of changes, information, and content to explain so let's just dive in. There is way more stuff going on that we have planned and are working on, but this update is already incredibly large and intimidating so we are only covering what we know is coming out now and in the next month.

Quick Reminders
- Time Loot occurs on August 5th! This is to give users some time to get trials and item usage approved.

- Account Claims submitted over the break accidentally got deleted when we went down for maintenance. Please resubmit them if you submitted while we were gone.

- Give us at least 24 hours to get all the new comments posted. We are juggling a lot of updates. 

- There are many features on the site currently in alpha. Several interfaces will be improved in the next update. We just had to get this portion live. 

Our Direction

Before continuing it is important to be transparent about our process. We have been disassembling the Griffia that we built in 2016 to reorganize it into something we can continue to expand upon indefinitely. In 2018 we came to the realization when attempting to repair the magic systems that we could not add any more content to the ARPG without it affecting everything because of how we had constructed its foundation. It wasn’t apparent to us how extensive that was until we got about a year into it. Too many systems overlapped. Every time we sat down to improve or balance something it would break the entire game and future additions because it was so entangled. 

We think it is important to note that we have tried our very best to keep old features open as long as possible and that it was never our intention to “strip” the game forever. We have every intention to apply our lore onto our newer more linear foundations, we just haven’t gotten there yet, but are starting to. This has been a difficult process and been frustrating for everyone and we do sincerely understand that.

World of Griffia has often had a confusing identity for its users. Going forward we want it to be clear we intend to continue to make a charming ARPG experience about collecting items, building characters, and most importantly to make creative works. We have no intention of building a number based RPG system. Bluntly put, we do not have the desire to balance/run a number-heavy RPG experience. So we are creating the current and future ARPG with that in mind.


** These systems are for Griffolk right now. We have not had an opportunity to evaluate Companions.**

Passives are now a generalized term for everything attached to a Griffian. Each section will outline these changes more clearly. There is a lot of information in this section. We recommend you read it all thoroughly as some sections relate and affect other sections. Passives have been split into different categories:

Nature: A Griffolk’s affinity to their creator Gods.
Stat Rank: A Griffolk species is born with a special stat advantage, but can earn more.
Abilities: A Griffolk’s born ability
Talents: A Griffolk’s natural born talent for lore purposes.
Game Perk: Perks earned through playing the game and completing activities.
Item Bonus: Automatic applied Item to a Griffolk or a Griffolk Subtype upon creation.
Statuses: Statuses modify a Griffolk’s Stats Ranks, Forms, Mutations, and Sidekicks. 

Why this Change? 

Previously, passives affected all sorts of things with no specific plan or design and that was the problem. They differed by subtype and bluntly put, some were terrible and some were great. There are 13 different Griffolk species right now and 59 subtypes, and Companions make that number even higher. Even if we reduced it to 13 for Griffolk only, balancing 13 equally good passives for each Griffolk is not the point of this ARPG. This ARPG is about world building and character development. Our goal is to make each species unique, interesting, and most importantly consistent.


We have experimented with passives that directly affect other activities. However, we want to make game perks that everyone can earn through play. Attaching the game altering abilities to the Griffolk directly has caused us a lot of issues. We recognized that our early passives affected stat numbers, magical paths, game perks, and item perks, and that our users liked those things. But it goes without saying that many people would prefer a character with a passive that affected an activity like Time Loot over one that affected something cosmetic, like shape shifting. 

Splitting passives in this way gives Griffolk a mixture of advantages that are both lore based and can affect content in a number of creative ways without directly affecting the foundation of other activities like games and trials. 

Use for the Future
We intend to use these new passives in a range of ways for questing, prompts, and events in the future. We want to use these passives to create separate challenges where Griffolk with certain expertise will succeed more easily. Or their passives may afford them different prize pools which allows users to make more strategic choices as well as add another layer of characterization. The strength of this change is that it is vague and in that vagueness it affords more opportunity for creativity for making content, rather than creating an obstacle we must work around like it was previously. 


Lore based old passives are not changing because they fall into the categories of the new passive system. For example shapeshifting is an item bonus, Parasplicer splicing is a talent while levitation is an auto ability for some Griffians - these won’t be removed as they fit into the current lore as well as the past.

Deadline for update

This new system for passives goes live today, which gives every user the opportunity to use the new passives. Users can use old passives for 30 days, until September 1st. Anything earned with old passives until September 1st will stay on your masterlist when the change happens. You can find all old redemptions on our redemption page here

Retired Species/Griffons, Diamons Redemption

Now that passives have been updated, there is a deadline to get old retired Griffians, Griffons, or Diamons re-registered to be able to get them onto a masterlist for the ARPG. Anything not submitted or approved by September 1st will no longer count as an official Griffian you can use in our ARPG. There will be notes sent out to all owners of anything that is on our lists of not approved yet, so that they will be notified as this news goes live.

Redemption hub can be found here



These are traits that define the Griffians and how they were created by the Gods Konatus, Anima, and Ludis, or by a Griffian Yotun. This trait responds well to specific paths a Griffian chooses to take lore wise. Natures cannot be changed or altered.There are 4 natures and they are the following:

Terrestrial - Konatus
Spiritual - Anima
Material - Ludis
Neutral - Yotun 


Stat Ranks

Numerical Stats are being replaced with visual ranks. They have not been assigned yet but they are coming in the next update. All Griffolk will come with one stat rank in the stat that their species naturally excels in. There are 6 stat ranks and they are the following:

Health (HP)
Attack (ATK)
Defense (DEF)
Intelligence (INT)
Fortitude (FRT)
Charisma (CHR)

For now the only way to earn a stat rank is by choosing a Griffian that starts with one, or applying a status item that affects it. There will be other ways to earn more in the future.

There are benefits to having different stat ranks and Griffolk are now set up so that, for example, a max stat Fashion Fishy will always have one more charisma rank than a max stat rank Bagbean and therefore have a unique advantage without simultaneously being superior to the Bagbean in every situation. Stat Ranks are perfect for users who enjoy a little more strategy.



Levels are being removed since they will not be implemented in our future ARPG. Some passives and systems will get their own progression bars. This is in its early stages.


Statuses modify a Griffolk’s Stats Ranks, Forms, Mutations, and some Sidekicks. Here is the list of all the new effects:

Gifted - Affects sidekick Magic familiars (gives +1)
Cursed - Affects sidekick Eather beasts (gives Both)
Elemental - Affects sidekick Elemental totem (gives +1)


Mystical (was previously Magical) - Affects stat rank INT and FRT (gives +1 stat rank in both) 
Buffed - Affects stat rank ATK and DEF  (gives +1 stat rank in both)
Royal - Affects stat rank CHR  (gives +1 stat rank)


Enchanted - Affects forms (gives Griffolk, non-feral/tamable companions, animals, human, item, plants shapeshifter/enchanted forms)
Feral - Affects forms (gives Feral companion forms)
Blessed - Affects forms (Gives pet, smol, sidekick forms)


Charmed - Affects mutations (gives all Star mutations)
Fooled - Affects mutations (gives all Fool mutations)
Jinxed - Affects mutations (gives all Hollow mutations)

Enlightened will be removed as a status on September 1st.

What Changed? 

Blessed status is no longer granting auto taming since we want users to use the tamer fruits and so that the status fits in one of the 4 categories listed above. The visual look of blessed will still grant shaped paw pads, only the effect is changing.

Magical status has been renamed to Mystical status to go with the future magic systems.

Feral and Elemental are now live. If your Griffolk unlocked all statuses before September 1st, we will apply Feral and Elemental for free to that Griffolk. We have not had time to do this yet. Please be patient.

Feral and Elemental will be added as a status purchasable in the Status Berry Stand on September 1st and will be available through Status Berry Vouchers for: 2 Vouchers each.

Charity has been taken out of the status list since it cannot be earned by Griffians who are not created as such. It will be visible on the masterlist somewhere else. There is a planned perk for Charity however we need more time to implement it. 

Why does Royal affect Charisma?
In a previous change, we removed royal from Maze and Haze because we needed to balance the status and the status should not come on free to make Griffolk. All the statuses are meant to embody a theme and royal has always been one of the most difficult statuses to achieve. We want to go back to that and intend to use charisma specifically in some activities to create different opportunities for users that would not be accessible to a Griffolk without high charisma. Therefore we felt royal was perfectly suited for this use.


Abilities are earned by eating an Ability fruit. This passive is unlockable meaning that every user has access to these abilities eventually, should they choose. The abilities are perfect for creating unique scenarios for your Griffolk to encounter. Abilities are perfect for users who want to always be prepared for anything. Who knows when you might need to clone yourself to get out of a sticky situation. Here is the list of abilities:


Poison (old name was Aggro)
Size Change
Spirit Sight (old name was Future Sight)
Force Field

Each Griffolk species has been assigned one of the abilities above, this will be automated on the masterlist later. Ability fruits already used will not be returned.

Ability Fruit usage will no longer be removable, and they will be getting a list once they are automated just like mutations and forms have on the masterlist.


Talents are lore based, meaning they don’t affect anything but the Griffian(s). Talents are meant to add another layer of flavor to Griffolk. They are all unique to the species and perfect for world-building.

Bagbean - Language manipulation (can communicate with all lifeforms) 

Bavom - Partial life manipulation for self (body and head can live separate)

Caster - Atmospheric manipulation of others (can change the construction of air around them)

Fashion Fishy - Partial material manipulation for others (can change the density of others or materials)

Fornlee - Partial life manipulation for others (can temporarily revive/control the dead)

Foolee - Partial time manipulation for self (can change their age at will)

Guardian - Partial void manipulation (can slip in and out of reality to the void)

Kryptox - Partial material manipulation for self (can temporarily animate inanimate object)

Parasplicer - Splicing manipulation (can splice specific limbs or smaller body parts at will)

Perfaunt - Partial time manipulation for others (Can heal by temporarily reversing or speeding up time) 

Terradragon - Atmospheric manipulation for themselves (can alter and change the atmosphere inside of themselves to preserve objects and creatures) 


Game Perks

These perks are no longer attached to specific Griffolk and will be unlockable for everyone:


Earning All Magic Familiars (Status + future content)
Both Eather Beasts (Status)
Earning all Elemental Totems (Status + future content)


Old Griffian passives that will only be unlockable through item use: 

Auto stage 3/mature time activity and Auto taming will no longer be an earnable perk. All users will now have to tame and achieve mature activities by using items. We want to support the use of the Time Supply Items and the Tamer Fruits.


Item Bonus

These bonuses are not changing for any Griffolk. We may add Item Bonuses to other Griffolk in the future who do not have Item Bonuses already.

Automatic status on Subtypes of Griffolk
Automatic Mutations on Subtypes of Griffians
Automatic Bag for all Bagbeans



New Trial Hub

All trials are found in the Trial Hub and are represented by a building. Inside each building, you can find the basic and advanced versions of Trials or Classes.

Trials are now put into three categories which are the following:

Fundamental Trials - Trials that unlock other parts of the ARPG
Perk Trials - Classes that unlock Sidekicks.
Proficiency Trial - Mystic path and Combat path.

Ally Trial

Ally trial has been moved into the Starter Station and is now the Advanced Version of the Starter Trial. If a Griffian has an Ally Diploma, they will be able to register any Griffolk owned by the user or others (with their permission) in the future. Ally bonus - is being removed. Allies are now strictly a visual and lore based addition to the masterlists for those who want their Griffians to have Connections/Family/Friends. Therefore soulmate bonus - no longer share allies. In the future we will have labels such as “family”,”friend”, etc that users can set on their allies but for now they will remain “allies” on the relationship tab while we work on automating and expanding this.


Automatization for applying Griffolk relations

This will be automated on users’ masterlists in the future, until then users have until September the 1st to do the Ally Trial the old way and get characters attached to the masterlists. After the 1st of September Allies will not be attached by mods, users will only receive the Ally Diploma when completing the Advanced Starter Trial, while we wait for the automated process. We will work on a two-way system that lets users approve relations before they are added to the Griffian’s Masterlist. This feature is dependent on other updates we are doing to the site. 


What If my Griffian is not attached because of the Ally Trial? Will they be removed from my Masterlist?

Allies attached with an old passive before the 1st of September will not be removed once the passive is retired. 


What about the Parasplicer splicing ability, trial skipping ability gained through ally bonus

Since almost all trials can be done out of order we have retired the need for skipping trials. There is going to be a new item added to the game called the Splice Limb Fruit, that will allow Griffolk to splice as they could before with the Parasplicer's ally bonus. Consuming one of these fruits unlocks unlimited splicing. This fruit grants the Griffolk the ability to splice full limbs like the entire head, arm, and leg, compared to the Parasplicer who can splice tiny features like fingers, toes, and ears.


What do I do if I have an ally with a Parasplicer that uses the splicing bonus?

We will be adding the fruit usage to the masterlist for you for free. We have to do this manually so it will take us some time. If you have a Parasplicer ally attached to your masterlist before a fruit usage is added, you can still use this bonus. Please be patient. We will update everyone when we are finished!

What about Maze and Haze? They couldn't have allies before? Can I have Allies now?



Soulmate Trial

Soulmate bonus now only includes the Talent passive. They can still complete Trials and Time Loot together and join the Love Raffle.

Exceptions: Soulmating with a Parasplicer will still grant the soulmate the ability to splice full limbs and small parts. Soulmating with a Terradragon grants the soulmate the ability to take on the same forms as the Terradragon. These abilities are only available to the Soulmate of the Parasplicer or Terradragon while soulmated, they are not kept if the Soulmate bond is removed.


Discovery/Adventure Trial

Discovery and Adventure Trials have been combined into the Adventure Trial. This trial still rewards the Griffon form. Discovery diploma is being removed from all masterlists. This means that the Adventure trial diploma will be the new requirement for Treasure Hunt (until the diplomas are updated we will still count Discovery Diploma for the game). If your Griffolk only completed the Discovery trial, they will automatically gain the Adventure Diploma and Griffon Form. Uber Items as prizes are not available in the new version of the Adventure Trial. You can still do the old version of the Adventure Trial to get the Uber Items until September 1st through the Redemption Hub


Farming, Gardening, and Fishing Trials

Farming, Gardening, and Fishing Trials are switching which stage you earn the Tools/Time Activity Nursery items. Basic trials now award the tools associated with that activity. 

Farming gives Spade.
Gardening gives Net.
Fishing gives Rod. 

The Advanced Trial will award the Time Activity Nursery items associated with that activity. 

Advanced Farming gives Time Bean.
Advanced Fishing gives Time Drop.
Advanced Gardening gives Time Capsule. 


This change has happened because of a potential future Mining Trial.  We wanted the opportunity to make a new Trial without making a new Time Activity. 

What Happens if I have already done this trial?

TLDR; Nothing. Anyone who has Basic Farming, Gardening, and Fishing done already gets to keep the time Activity they earned. These users will also gain the tools and advanced diploma for free. This will be done for you automatically. This may take us some time so please be patient.

If I do these Trials from August 1st to September 1st will I get the Tool, Advanced Diploma, and the Time Activity Nursery Item?

Yes, take advantage of this while you can. 



Weekly Games hub

Art of the week is now featured in the Weekly Games Hub, and will be chosen each week when the weekly comment changes to earn the Mods’ Choice trophy. When we choose art of the week we will ask for permission from the chosen artist if we can temporarily host it on the weekly games hub on our website for one week. This is optional for the chosen artist.


Game - Style Challenge

Style challenge entries will now be numbered and a winner will be chosen by RNG.

The winner will receive a Status Voucher instead of an item bundle.


Time Loot

Names for Time Activity stages are changing and are all now going to be referred to as

Nursery Stage - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3


Draw the Griffian Below (DTGB)

This activity was originally created by the community, and we took it on as an official activity. However, DTGB has required us to create rules and a punishment system to keep it as fair as possible. We do not enjoy giving strikes or running an activity that punishes users. We understand that life happens and that this ARPG is for fun. However, there is no other efficient way to run this activity without a punishment system, so we are closing it. We will be removing all the strikes given from this activity. If the community wants to run this activity themselves that is fine but we will not be enforcing it any longer or advertising it in the group. This activity will not be opening again on August 1st.


Griffian Inventory -  Alpha

With the automation of the Eather Forge, one of the changes we needed to make was allowing Griffolk to “own” GC to purchase upgrades for themselves. Griffolk are now required to have Gold Coins in their inventory instead of the User’s own (You) bank. This means that users must add Gold Coins to a Griffolk’s Inventory for the Griffolk to be able to purchase upgrades and items that can be added directly to their inventories.

!!IMPORTANT!!! Cosmetic items will also need to be put in the Griffian’s Inventory to be used by the Griffian. !!!

- Items that can be owned by a user and a Griffian can freely be transferred between a user and their Griffians’ inventories at any time.  

- Make sure you transfer items from a Character’s inventory before trading or selling it since the items in a Griffian’s inventory will go with the Character.

Note: We are very aware that right now it is cluttered and we will be doing a quality update in the future to make sorting, selecting, and general inventory management more user friendly. However, we need to test this portion of the code so please be patient! 



Enchanted Stitch Flower

Retired - converted to 25 GC. 25 GC is the cost to use the same upgrade in the Eather Forge. 


Bags will no longer be earnable or purchasable by the users through games or loot drops. It is available for the characters to purchase only. Once bags are attached they can not be removed. Bags also do not stack in the inventory because they are upgradable. Upgradable items cannot “stack” in the code. This is not an error.


Like bags, single Chronopods will no longer be earnable by the user through the games, loot drops, and market. Their drops will all be exchanged with Chronopod Vouchers. This is because Chronopods are upgradable and therefore do not stack in the inventory. Upgradable items cannot “stack” in the code. This is not an error.

The Need has been removed as the runner up item in Winflower. It has been replaced with a status voucher.

Non-Stackable Items - Alpha

Users who have a lot of bags and a lot of Chronopods are going to notice that these items do not stack. We have removed non-stackable items from loot pools. Why do they not stack? Because these items are upgradable, meaning they can be changed through the Eather Forge or Charged. Therefore they cannot stack. We do not recommend purging your Chronopods due to the fact that the vouchers are more sparsely available in loot pools.  

Treasure bean collectible drops

The drop list from this item has changed. We want the treasure bean to “feel” like it is full of treasure so collectibles have been removed from this list. This change also supports our desire to keep collectibles more exclusive to the events they are awarded in. 

- 10 GC
- 25 GC
- 50 GC
- 75 GC
- 100 GC
- Uber Paper
- Uber Dye
- Uber Water
- Uber Fert
- Chrono Voucher
- Status Voucher



The Fnokk is being removed as a feral companion and is becoming a type of Smol. 



We are going to remove channels in the discord. The Discord is a server specifically created for users who participate in the ARPG. Non-Griffia-related channels will be removed or combined to the minimum. Due to this change we will be loosening up on what are acceptable topics in Town. Video games, pets, and other previously separate topics will be acceptable in town. Fear-Factor topics and topic changes must be taken to DMs. Also, since we cannot monitor voice chats we will be removing them.

On this same note, we will also be tightening the rules. The Griffia discord is not an acceptable space to submit feedback. Feedback and complaints submitted to the discord will be deleted without exception and users will be directed to the proper area on our site that you can find on our Home page.

Users who come into the discord with the sole purpose of being disgruntled, disruptive and aggressive will have their privileges removed indefinitely. We no longer want to subject our users and mods to this sort of behavior so we are switching to a 0 tolerance policy. Hundreds of people utilize our discord and it is, frankly, upsetting for everyone. Having a bad day is fine, but anything directed towards any user or mod will result in a permanent kick from the server. Issues involving the group need to be taken to the group or owners directly.

All removed channels have been logged and archived. These are the channels that are staying:

Important Category
Introduce yourself

General/Peagarden Category
Market Art/Griffolk
Market items

Rolling Channels Category
Sprout/Misc rolls
Weekly Game Rolls
Love Raffle rolls
Time Loot Rolls

Roleplay Arena Category
Griffian Introduction
TBA channels


Discord Rules - Updated

The discord rules have been updated to match the above changes. Additionally, a section has been added about no longer DM'ing mods privately with questions. Mod's Dm'd personally are instructed to forward all users to the Q&A. For urgent matters DM one of the owners or note the group. 

Feedback Box 

A Feedback Box is available on our site and is ready for use. Users must be logged in to submit feedback. Due to this change, hot topics from the old feedback box are no more since many of the topics are resolved with this and the upcoming updates. Not all things going on behind the scenes can be shared, feedback may already relate to things in the works. In addition to this, some suggestions don't work with other systems in progress that aren't shown. All feedback is viewed, even if it is not replied to. We will continue to check the feedback weekly.

Approval Hubs:
Let's begin by following up on our last update. We mentioned before taking the break that one of our goals during our time off would be to port over all our approval journal hubs to the website. We have completed that as promised. Users can now find all approval, transfer, and usage hubs under the ARPG tab on the website. We will be working towards automation of transfers, approvals, and usages. So expect more updates on this topic in the future.

Item Database Update: 

This overhaul was necessary before we could begin to automate features for the Time Activities, Masterlists, Transfers, Usages, Approvals, and some Shops (like the Eather Forge). This update will not only make it possible to automate more processes, it will also be moving a user’s bank inventory from the “Bank” tab to their new permanent home in the User Profile.

There are other changes with this update.They are the following:


User Dashboard

- Player dashboard renamed to User dashboard

- Added a new section showing Users their items and characters on their profile

- Replaced Treasure Bean section with the reward container section, users can open all their reward containers there

- Lures can now be opened in the profile section

- Replaced the text in the claiming section to reflect the changes made to bank users and masterlist users (They have been combined and are now called manual users)

- What a manual user owns is displayed when selected



Regular users no longer have access to the bank page since they can now view their items via the user dashboard



- All inventory tabs have been combined into a single tab and this functions the same as the inventory on the user dashboard

- Watering count on Time Activities has been added

- Cosmetic item usage now takes the item from the character's inventory instead of the user's inventory

- Users are able to transfer multiple items at the same time between the inventories of themselves and their characters.

- Users can freely transfer any item they want as long as the item can be owned by a user or a character

- Chronopods that are assigned to Time Activities are now removed from the character inventory


Market - Eather Forge is Live!

- Users can now either use a shop as themselves or as a character they own

- Shops can now sell item upgrades

- Users are able to select the payment themselves if a shop cost is an item that is non-stackable

- Users are able to select which item they want to buy an upgrade for

- Users can filter the shop services by name

- Users can temporarily buy both purified and corrupted tool upgrades regardless of their Eather Bracelet type. This is a mistake and will be fixed later. 

Future Upgrades

Time Loot Automation

This is still a major to-do on our checklist of things to automate. But before we could attempt it the Item Database had to be overhauled. In the future all changes to Time Activities will be able to be done by the user. This was not possible before because items (Time Tree, Pool, Flower) could not own items (Time Water, Fertilizers, Uber Papers, Chronopods) in the database. So we have fixed that. Once the activity is automated we intend to reevaluate watering, chronopods charges, and loot drops. We had to strip this activity down to make it manageable for ourselves in the meantime. So expect changes and additions in the future. 

Masterlist Appearance:

We have plans to make edits to the Masterlist page layout so we can expand the display space for character art. We are aware that the display size for artwork on the masterlist is too small and will be making changes to improve that. The new inventory for the banks for the user-profiles and the masterlists will get an updated visual look at a later date.

Reward Container - Alpha

Treasure Beans and Lures are now called reward containers. This segment still needs work. Now when users open Reward Containers the prizes appear in a green text box in the corner. We are aware it is too small and disappears too fast. 

Art Hosting:

Users may remember that when the masterlist originally went live that we had to purchase a database to host images off of. Users can still see the current masterlist has designated spaces for art uploads. Now that we have had several months to test the cost of hosting the database and images, we feel comfortable with expanding its use. 

In the future when Griffians complete achievements each achievement gained will unlock a designated art slot for that activity/trial/achievement on the masterlist. This process will be very similar to how avatar approval works. A moderator will check the art. A small thumbnail of the artwork will be saved to the database, and users will have an option to link it back to the original work upon submitting for approval. If users want to replace the art, they go through the approval again. Artwork can be deleted by the users at any time. You can request to have your art removed at any time for any reason.


Affinity - Alpha

We are releasing a new system called Affinity. This system is similar to the pod houses from 2017 but more expanded. It will be accessible to Griffolk and Companions. There will be 7 unique Affinity Houses for all Griffians to join which each come with basic information to help you find the best fit for your Griffian. Both Griffolk and Companions can join this activity and help earn points. As a user you can have characters in all houses if you wish, or put all your characters in the same House.

This new system is in the very early testing phase, and we will be using our new group Worldofgriffia for making it easier to track and count points. Each house has a folder for its members, there will be future folders for point point counting. This it TBA

For a Griffian to join an Affinity House, they must be added to one of the 7 affinity cards and gotten it approved by the group. As soon as the Griffian is approved they can join tasks and challenges provided in the group and if it is a user's first Griffian approved, they will also be invited to join the group itself. There is no way to change an affinity house yet, but if you do, you will lose all your progress.

There is going to be a new point system attached to this group called Affinity points, they will be spendable by the Griffian in the future to earn cosmetic upgrades and items tied to your Griffian. These points cannot be traded or given to anyone else , but can be donated to your affinity house. We will be temporarily logging point collecting  on Google Sheets while we wait for it to be automated in the future on our site. Until then the points cannot be spent, only collected.

To learn more about the Affinity system head over to the group and learn how to get started.


We are showing this system now so users can get acquainted with the lore of it and get their Affinity Cards ready. We have worked Affinity from the ground up to work with all other systems. We truly hope you enjoy filling out your character cards.