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Previously we had allowed Bagbean themes to be duplicated when they had duplicate meanings. An example of this is Bloody Mary (Spooky Scary) and Bloody Mary (Drink). We are no longer allowing duplication in this way for the sake of our search function. Duplication across sub types was not allowed for the other species either so we are mirroring it for the Bagbean, mostly to prevent confusion. We intend to release a guide on Bagbean themes. We will not be changing any existing themes for players this is more of a PSA.


Before: Bloody Mary (Mythical) and Bloody Mary (Nom Nom) acceptable

Now: Bloody Mary (Mythical) and Bloody Mary Drink(Nom Nom) acceptable

ITEM USAGE DISCLAIMER [From news journal]
Disclaimer: Since colors and design can only be removed if it was added via dye usage, please be aware of this when you order custom Griffians. Frequently, people will order custom Griffians whose official art looks like a personal OC. If said player then chooses to leave Griffia or sell the character, they express that they do not want the original design used. Griffians sell frequently, and it only takes so long before the new owner forgets what 3 owners prior requested. For obvious reasons, we can’t do anything about this unless a rebase is purchased, so we highly suggest players do not do this. Do not order personal OCs as Griffians if you are uncomfortable with them existing in our system forever. There is nothing the moderation team can do about people using the design on the original official art. However, dye usage is now deleteable at any time. If players want to turn Griffians into existing OCs, we highly suggest you do it via dye usage after your custom is made so you can delete it should you want to sell or trade your character.Please make sure you reverse any dye usage before selling your character if you don’t want a particular look to be usable by the next owner. We do not support players telling members they cannot use the official art - that is unfair to them and our system. Griffia takes no responsibility if future owners choose not to accept the terms established by the original owner. To prevent this issue, we suggest you keep the Griffian and just discontinue using it. This applies to all current and future Griffians. If you have already sold a character that had a design based off another OC you own and you did not reverse the look before you sold it, the new owner has the ability to use that look. The group cannot force the current owner to remove that design. Please do not contact the new owner and ask them to remove the design, since they have no obligation to do so.  

If you have a main and an alt account used in this ARPG , you need to connect them through the banks, you need to make sure you are not using both accounts for Game related activities. Please contact the banks via the Name Change journal so that your accounts can be merged!

CLARIFICATION-Shape Shifter Forms, Auto Mutations, and Mutations
This one was missed from when we made changes to the 3 limb rule. (I apologize.) All mutations listed on a master list can be carried over when shapeshifting. This was not the case in the past. Previously if a Terradragon shape shifted into a Bagbean it would loose the glass mutation body to force the terradragon to look like the Bagbean.

Now all mutations carry over when shapeshifting.

Traditionally Griffian customs/auctions/sales with royal status are done when a Griffolks type reaches the 100 mark (so 100, 200, 300). The bavom however has a subtype locked behind royal (The Royal Guard). Bavoms will now get a Royal 1 in every 50 so that there are more opportunities for players to get the subtype.

CHANGE-Griffolk Registrations
As many of you will notice we have removed the companion tier lists for taming on Griffian Registrations. Previously Beagbeans had tier'd passives that allowed them to tame a specific list of companions depending on their passive. This passive was linked to the magic system. As players are already well aware magic has been deconstructed for months and passives are mostly unusable. So rather than make the new Griffolk Registration journal confusing. We are just allowing Bagbeans to tame all tamable companions without the use of a tamer fruit until passives change. This was the most logical solution we could come up with in the mean time.

Any Griffian who holds the old Enlightened status will automatically gain all the statuses given by status berries excluding Charity.

This means that once you unlock all the Status berries you will gain the status Enlightened.

The new Enlightened passive is just a combination of all the status berries.

Enchanted (pink berry) status berry is set in stone and gives Griffians auto shape shifting. This means that all Terradragons and Parasplicers have auto enchanted status. This status are given to these two since it is part of their lore. This will be automatically added to the masterlists once the visual masterlist is up and running.

Note: Feral griffians are not included in shapeshifting berry or fruit. There will be a different way to gain those forms in the future.

CHANGE-Bavom Heads
Due to popular demand. Bavoms can now be drawn without the animal body attached to the head.

Example: Bird Bavom's "head" is typically an entire bird that attaches to the neck of the bavom.  Now Bavoms can be drawn without the animal body, so the bird head would attach directly to the Bavom body.Here is an example:


CHANGE -Art Submission Rules
The art submission rules were strict so we relaxed them quite a bit.

The following needs to be included for Peas to count and for your Griffian to be easily recognizable

-In order to count as a fullbody artwork, you must draw at least 3 limbs of your character

           + Most of these limbs must be shown, but if you, for instance, draw all but the tips of the toes, that is still acceptable

           + Head, arms, legs, and tails all qualify as limbs.

           + In the case of Casters, one arm plus the whole tail will be accepted, or both arms and most of the tail.

- If a character is missing limbs or has anything officially removed or updated, it will count if drawn

  without them.

           + If any feature listed above is covered by accessories / hair / important items, it still counts.

- Mutations, colors, accessories, and hair are not mandatory to be shown

       > (since it got skipped)     + Be sure to check Activities, Training, and Trials for their specific requirements!

CLARIFICATION - Modifying Bag Color and Bag Appearance
As of April 2nd members no longer need to use items to alter basic bags or bags in general. The items to make these changes are being converted on the 25th of April. 

CHANGE -Dye Usage
You no longer need a dye item to change hair color of Griffians.  

CHANGE -Allying
In preparation for the visual masterlists we are removing restrictions on what Griffolk you can ally with. Previously you could only ally with 1 of each Griffolk type. We are removing this restriction.

You can ally with your same species type. Ex: BB to BB

You still need to be the owner of the ally you are trying to make the bond with.

Ally Bonuses do not stack if you have multiple of one type of Griffolk.

example: 1 Bagbean can have 5 Fashion fishy allies now giving the bagbean the ally fashion fishy bonus, and all those 5 fishies the bagbean bonus

CLARIFICATION - Trials & Official Art
This clarification is particular, it refers to the use of brushes that automatically makes grass, trees, flowers, etc.

When doing backgrounds for trials and official art, members are allowed to use brushes that create grass, leaves and flowers. These three do not have to be redrawn by hand each time.

CLARIFICATION- Forms in Trials
This Clarification was posted recently:

"Previously if you completed Trials you had to complete them in Griffolk form.Now you can complete them in any Griffian form (Griffolk or Companion)"

The ability to use Griffian form (Griffolk, Companion) or Human form - is available for all Trials and Universities. It has also been made available for Time Loot.


Uber paper does not automatically give magic familiar bonus! The magic familiar must be included visually in the art for the magic familiar bonus to count ( this has now been added to the uber paper Item description)

CLARIFICATION - Item Duplication
The following items will never be duplicated by anything: Love Items and Uber Items.

The information added to reflect that -

Passives do not affect: Love Items and Uber Items

Beanostatus/Beanomutations do not affect: Love Items and Uber Items.

Magic Familiars  do not affect: Love Items and Uber Items.

CLARIFICATION - Auto-Mutations
With the changes to Mutations released recently, we need to clarify something about Auto-Mutations. Some Griffians have specific Auto Mutations that have now been merged. For example, all Griffolk have the auto-Mutation “Hair,” which is now listed under Coat Cover.Griffolk will retain Hair Mutation, but will not also automatically receive Long Fur, Feather Cloak, and Scales unless listed.

CLARIFICATION - Parasplicers
Ally: If you are allied to the slicer you must shapeshift the entire limb (ex: Head, Leg, Arm)

Soulmate: If you are a soulmate to a splicer you can shapeshift intricated detailed parts (ex: Ears and Fingers)

CLARIFICATION - Magic Familiar Duo
Duo only gives double items earned by the griffian not earned by the artist.

CLARIFICATION - Magic Familiar

- Default is 1 per Griffolk

- You can only use one Magic Familiar per Drawing / Entry.

- If you are doing a joint trial for soulmated Griffolk, you can include a Magic Familiar for each one of the two soulmates.

- All Magic Familiars need to be included in the art to count.

- Magic Familiars can be used on the following art-based activities: Prompts, Trials, Games (that require art), Time Activity Loot Art, Universities. Art must include the Familiar and the fullbody Griffolk to which it is registered.


Special Considerations:
- For Crafty Sunday, you may not claim familiar bonuses more than once on the same art, even if you submit a WIP and then a final piece later.

- For Trials and University, you cannot claim Magic Familiar bonuses unless the DOM to which the Familiar is registered is the one completing the Trial/University Activity.

The Open species cannot be sold. The can be made - Gifted, Traded, or Raffled for free.

CHANGE - Removing ARPG Co Owning
We are officially NO LONGER allowing co owning any of our species -any Co owns currently on the masterlist are okay. Any already approved co owning will stay in effect.

CLARIFICATION - Soulmates and companions
Clarification - A companion can not be registered to two DOM Griffians. It is shared through soulmating.