Treasure Hunt

griffsnuff - Mar 29th 2021 11:19

Hello, Sprouts!

We have some exciting news today! We have completed the automated version of Treasure Hunt for the site. Participation no longer needs to be approved through DeviantART comments and users can now play it each week just by having an account on our site and an approved Griffolk.

Puckle's Pick
Due to this automation we are temporaily closing Puckle's Raffle, we may bring this raffle back in the future with some changes to the rules and how to enter but for now it is closed. March's Puckle's Raffle will still occur for all users who won in the manual version of Treasure Hunt on DeviantART comments. 

Automated Treasure Hunt works the same as the Manual version, users can use 1 character to play each week. Once users have participated they must wait until next week to play again. Users should make sure they are 100% satisfied with their character and the slot choices because we will not be fixing or changing mistakes submitted. Users will have to wait until next week.

The prizes given in the game are automatically sent to the users inventory. Users will also receive a message letting them know which character they used and which prizes were received.

Each user's session for this game is random, so no one will have the same slots or prizes as another user.

Game Page
(this page is now linked in the ARPG hub) - 

How to Play

Scrolling past the rules users will find this window, it is blank and they will need to select a character in the dropdown before proceeding. This dropdown contains all of the user's Griffians. Users can only use Griffolk to play (no Companions allowed) because the game is locked behind the Portal Passes. (these can be received by getting the starter trial approved here: )

Once the user selects a Griffolk, all the information is automatically manifested into the game from the Griffolk's masterlist. Magic Familiars are automatically added. The slots refers to the amount of Trials, Classes, and Tokens your Griffolk has unlocked. The game will always start with three available slots and maxes out at 50.

If users submit Treasure Hunt without selecting all the available slots, they will be asked to confirm if they want to submit without selecting them all. Users can also use the "select random cells" option. Which commands the game selects all the slots for the user. Users can also select/change slots until they are satisfied before clicking submit.


Once users have clicked the submit button, the game will inform them that they have played the game this week. Users will have to wait until the site resets on Sundays at Midnight Griffia time to play again. Users can find a list of the prizes received in their messages.

Happy hunting! First time treasure hunters will still receive the Treasure Hunter Medal.