News - December 16 2020

Sindonic - Dec 16th 2020 21:54

Hello Sprouts,

This is just a small update. Quick reminder we are going on break today through January 4th! Time Loot will be running on January 10th instead of the 1st.

The Games are staying open and will be updated with new themes and comments each Sunday but will NOT be banked till we return on the 4th. Happy looting!

Character Transfers and Bun Scavenger hunts will remain open over the break.

Any Discord bans occurring during the break will not lift until we return on the 4th.

The XTA will be running normally while we are closed.

The new Style Prompt will not open until the 4th

The markets will be combined into a new single-shop interface immediately except the pet shop. (It will merge later) 


Changes to the Pet Shop:

We will be releasing new pets every month when 2021 starts. From now on not all pets will be available every month and their prices are changing. Pets will no longer cost 5GC and they will be increased depending on their rarity. New pets will also start popping up each month.


The old Pet Shop will retire on February 1st. We recommend players buy the available pets during the break and in January as they may not be available in the pet cycle for a while and will cost more. The new pets will be released in the combined market in January while you can buy the old ones until they retire.

The new shop will be availalbe sometime next week. 


New Love Items: 
The day we have all been waiting for has come. All planned love items have been released for users to redeem in the new combined shops!
Note: Orms, Novinauts and Plesiopod do not have planned love items.

Happy Holidays from the Mod team and the Griffia NPC’s (Especially Bot)!