Item Trades and Transfer News

griffsnuff - Oct 28th 2020 04:03

Hello Sprouts

We are excited to announce the newest automated site feature. The alpha version of automated item transfers. This feature is now live under the ARPG tab, located in market area here:

Current Features:
Users can now transfer as many items as they want to any World of Griffia user, so long as the item is transferable. Once a trade is initiated the other user has the option to accept,decline trades from the item transfers page. Users also have the additional option of adding items to the trade for easy item-swapping. The item transfer page stores a log of all your current and previous transactions and all trades are logged in our servers.

It is also possible for members to gift items, once a trade is initiated the recipient does not need to transfer any items in return to receive items. 

Future Additions:
The current look of item transfers is just the skeleton of the feature visually it is rudimentary. This is an essential first step towards automation and our commitment to streamlining approvals for the sprouts. We have plans of implementing a simple notification system that will alert players to incoming trades and possibly loot. However we needed this system to exist before we can build upon it further. For now players will need to check the Item Transfers page to see if they have any incoming transfers. Users should be aware Item Transfers may not always be located in the ARPG tab. They may be moved to the user profile in the future.

Sending empty trades:
How to send a Trade without adding items:
- Select Items
- Click the "Confirm Selection" without selecting items
- Confirm you want to do the trade without selecting an item

Since this feature is in alpha we are looking for feedback and bug reports. Please report them here

Additional Information: 

We have closed the mod run item transfers as of this update. To use the item transfer system users must have a World of Griffia account.