General Update 1

griffsnuff - May 31st 2020 21:35

Hello Sprouts, 

The Mod team will be taking a break from June 15th to August 1st to recuperate from COVID-19 -related pressure. COVID-19 has affected some of our lives in a significant way. The entire ARPG will be closed except Griffian Transfers, Griffian Creation, and our Discord

This means players have the first two weeks of June to complete, redeem, and participate in games and to get the exclusive Eek Plush from Crafty Corner. For July’s monthly plush we will provide a prompt to be able to earn it.

Item Transfers will be closing. Players have till June 15th to make any necessary transfers. 

Now that Eclipse has arrived, we have had some time to test out how it works with our ARPG. At the moment journals cannot be re-pushed to inboxes, so we are changing the way we notify the group about updates and activities. There will be dates available on our front page for when games and news updates have been released. Additionally, a channel will be added to our Discord where moderators can notify members with a ping when updates or activities are live. 

Heavily formatted journals will be moving to our website. These pages will link back to DA comments like games and trials currently do. While on the topic of formatting, DA comments are currently not maintaining formatting when text is pasted into them. DA is adding pagination back to comments and galleries. In the meantime, moderators may miss or skip comments accidentally. 

Due to the lack of formatting options in comments and an effort to conserve time, we are temporarily moving the Time Activity's loot rewards to a Google Doc. Pickle will not be replying to the Monthly Time Loot drops in the same way in the month of June. You will get a reply saying when your loot has been rolled, and a link to a Google Doc for you to view your prizes. Players will have access to this document to check on what they earned as well as see when it is banked. Magic Familiar Bonus Collection is prepared for this change in the Time Loot process. Players still need to wait for their rewards to be processed before redeeming their Magic Familiar Bonuses.

July Time Loot will not be run, since we are on break. Time Loot in August will be running, but will open on the 5th instead of the 1st of August, to allow time for people to get Trials/Transfers/Usages approved in preparation for Time Loot.

We appreciate everyone's patience and compassion in these trying times, and hope that all our members are healthy and safe. We understand that this is a long break, we are going to use this time to fill in more information on WG and continue working on the ARPG.