Devlog [290621]

Sindonic - Jun 30th 2021 02:13


- Shops will now tell you how many items from the shop is in your inventory when shopping.

- Masterlist is now searchable with "Has item"

- On profiles, a confirmation button for the "reset Prefrences" have been added

- Users can now shop as a character in all shops. 

- When users get a trade request the message now links back to item transfers



Clarified User-Run Activity disclaimer to make it more clear the section is only for activities going in the group. 


If all data is cleared from the bio box on a masterlist, the save changes now pops up.



The Winners for the CCreative Blockade are the following.

Beantrooper - Floop

SeiAni - Puffshimi

Toasty-BBs - Paraglire

13oddeyes - Plesiopod

PrideAlchemist7 - Relicelk

Mudbun - Riceraptor

BrittyDee - Snych

jolakotur - Kittebrate