Devlog [27.12.22]

Sindonic - Dec 27th 2022 07:00

Hello, Sprouts!

It is the end of 2022 in just a few days, we will release another update with the changes for 2023 as soon as we are back from break! Hope you all had an amazing Holiday!


Magic Familiars exchanges are being removed on the 1st, so make sure you get your exchanges in.

Pop-Up Shop  - The pop-up shop is being removed on the 1st. Stock up now before it is gone!

Criminal Chronopods are slowly being detained by Sannael. They will have them all on the 1st. Get them now before they disappear



The Bagbean page is done and updated and it comes with additional information.

Will no longer showcase which two subtypes they are a mix of. We had to do this to streamline the options for love item approval, it also made identifying true hybrids difficult. This change does not affect the characters or the game in any way. 

Event & Legendaries Subtypes

Event Bagbean subtype is back!  Event Bagbeans will only be made during Events (Real World Events or Griffia Events), and they do not have a Tier. This means they are not an eligible subtype for subtype exchanges using the subtype fruit, and they do not have an available love item.

Legendaries and Event Bagbeans were converted into Hybrids when we were streamlining Griffia. All former Event Bagbeans and former Legendary Bagbeans can now revert into this subtype for free by reporting errors. Their bags will be automatically boosted with bag and animal boost. This exchange can only be made once, users should ensure they truly want to remove the hybrid subtyping before committing because once it is done it cannot be undone. Users must provide the original upload of the design as proof of the original the subtype.



Job titles have been added to the abstract theme pool.



Bagbean Griffolk Page has been completed

Perk - All bagbeans have received the mutation sprout

Perk - All Elemental Bagbeans has received the Elemental Status

All existing bagbeans have received the perk changes.



Indigenous Bagbean Subtype has been renamed to Field

Event Bagbean Subtype makes a return from the void