Devlog [22.02.22]

griffsnuff - Feb 22nd 2022 03:49


Page - Xta Page added to games

Pages  - NPC - Winflower, Ficus, Neo, Fauntina, Bay, Selena, Bisque, Ethan, Rick, Pod, Sandal, Famora, Bella, Lars, Bot, Cya, Lee, Meme, Phaze

Art added to NPC Pages = Sannael, 

Item - Winflower Plushie

Item - Phaze Plushie 


Fornlee Species perk additions

Fornlee ability - Invisibility


- Sprout

- Keratin growth

- Cloak

- Mystical


- sprout

- Gifted


- sprout

runelee (Indigenous)

- Glow

- All seeing

- Coat cover

- Sprout


All existing fornlees who where missing the above have gotten these additions added

All previously made Witchlee's and Shamanlees had Different tail mutation added.


Changes & Additions

Indigenous Fornlee renamed to Runelee

Updated the Ownership Q/A and combined the following

- Ownwership questions 

- CYO Questions

Added Love Item specific questions and Approval process questions



Moved Modifiers from systems to ARPG Tab for easier accessibility. The System tab will be be themes taken list and items only from now on due to our ever growing item list.

- Updated and Clarified the Mascot pages with new text and art.

- Wiggle pahalanges and More phalanges have merged into phalanges

- Wiggle phalanges fool mutation has changed into Bind.

- Bare mutations has been changed due to it only affecting a few griffians and replaced with Stereo

- Stereo now gives double ear mutation (only 1 set of extra ears given)

- Unlocking cloak now also lets you remove cloak

- Unlocking coat cover also lets you remove fur

- The mutation art and description has been updated on the mutation page.



Clarified that albino is the only color morph accepted for pets in bagbean themes if the animal is taken.

Clarified that long fool mutation can also shorten limbs/phalanges


archived and removed the Tool and bag pages until future content related to these items get created.



Due to high traffic in love approval submissions, love approval are likely to take more than 5 days to approve. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.