Devlog [151221]

Sindonic - Dec 15th 2021 09:14


New Fashion Fishy Page Complete

CYO tutorial of character creation added to the love item usage page

Item - Pet - Budbird Figg

Item - Pet - Budbird Hollypy

Item - Pet - Budbird Toepip

Item - Pet - Cuddlepod Nudge

Item - Collectible - Plushie - Chronopod Plushie set x5

Item - Collectible - Plushie - Pixi Coobus

Item - Collectible - Plushie - Reed Bingus

Item - Cosmetic - Hybrid Fruit

Item - Plushie - Plushie - Hoobus

Item - Plushie - Plushie - Boobus



Users must now log into the site with their email. 

Indigenous Fashion fishy renamed to  Pond

Ocean Fashion Fishy now have Keratin Growth as a automutation. It has been added to old Ocean Fishy. 

Market - Shop - HnB Shack now only show the Griffians with the Pendant in the dropdown.



The bug claiming images downloaded from the site were high risk has been resolved

Beed poppies has been added to the void well

Url Is broken for Feedback at the bottom of our page, this will be fixed asap! You can find the feedback page on the sidebar on Home as well in the meantime.

Subtype errors showing Hunter some indigenous species has been fixed.





All current active scavanger hunts are closing when it is no longer December 31st 2021 those items are the following:

Book - Black Triangle: Freedom Arise

Book - The Seam: All Seeing

Stamp - Rainy Gold Star

Edible - Jelly Beed Bun

Edible - Jelly Leed Bun

Edible - Jelly Need bun

Edible - Jelly Pead bun

Edible - Jelly Sead Bun


All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.

Something is different with this years Time Gala