Devlog [130821]

Sindonic - Aug 14th 2021 07:16



ITEM BACKLOG IS ALSO COMPLETED [ Some items still require additional new information, but that is not backlog]



Special thanks to Ascynd for helping us complete some outdated official art on the companion pages, they are the following:

Terrakami - Terraelder,Terramind, Terraneck, Terrapod, Tumtank

Ursarapror - Major

Rootalp - Mud

Dystbunny - String, Buntton, Ball

Snych - Cave, Coastal, Polar, Plains, Desert

Seashimi - Florashimi Puffshimi, Reefshimi, Warriorshimi

Riceraptor - Animated, Crafted

Relic - Deer, Elk, Kirin

Reed - Bolster, Royal, Shep, Vix

Pelsaur - Alpha, Beta, Omega

Paraglire - Paraglider, Paramice, Parapika, Pararaf, Pararamus, Pararider

Kittecurra - Cleaner, Collector, Compost, Hunter

Facet - Bezel, Crown, Diamon, Karat, Whap

Bunble - Bee, Beetle, Dragon, Elf, Fairy, Lepi

Cafluffle - Garden, Speeder, Mega, Magneroo


You can check them all out on our Companion pages, or visit Ascynd's deviantART Here



Perk - New Auto Mutations have been applied to the Terradragon Subtypes: 

"Plasma - Aura Sprout

Liquid - eather growth

Gas - Aura Sprout, Tendril

Bec - Tendril Glow"


Item - Fnokk Smol and Fnokk Swol

Art -  added to Paraglire page

Art -  added to Floop page

Art -  added to Facet page

Art -  added to Ealeg page

Art -  added to Snych page

Art -  added to Rootalp page 

Art - Lore, Skeletons, header, ages added to Plesiopod page

Trial Rules - Soulbound bonus and companion clarifications have been added to the Trial Rules Page. 

Progress Page - Added a dev page that specifies more in depth our backlog progress on the project and tasks. Here



Animal Form added to Trial rules as a form that can be used.

Missing Collectibles, Pets,Swols, Chronopods have been added to the void well. [Exception is Love items and Gambit cards]



Time Loot page and Time activity resource page has been combined, Clarified and updated with current information.

All 483 items in the following category has been updated with proper descriptions, clarified  and with current information:

Time Supply
Item Containers

Eather Enhancments have been renamed to Eather Boosts to reduce confusion with enchantment. 

Masterlist Themes Page - Has beem updated to not load all themes at once. 

Page - Navigation guide is up to date

Page - All items listed on Trials link back to their Item pages

Page - All items on Lore Tab link back to their pages. [Exception is the smols, Pets, Time stage items and Love items on Griffolk pages]



Resource pages in systems and lore has had all item information removed since they have been applied to the acutal items instead.

Prize List - Removed,since items now list where they can be earned and what their drops are.