Devlog [10.04.22]

Sindonic - Apr 10th 2022 07:05


- Rules page has reformated, reorganized, renumbered, and url changed. I users encounter broken links please report them to errors.  

- Added New Rule 4.10 Commision Conduct 

- Companions can now be redeemed with a gene color or a common coat.

- Added new rules to Love Redemtion to clarify companions  can use gene color

- Added new rule to Love Redemption specifying users must draw their own art. 

- Added formatting to Tutorial page to make it clearer 

- Item - Plushie - Bisque

- Item - Plushie - Dystbunny Ball



- Moved the "All" link in the "Items" sidebar category to the top

- Made non-stackable items behave like stackable items when selecting them on the trading and Void Well pages, and when managing items on the masterlist (upgradeable items with different upgrades aren't stacked)

- Changed the trade page url from "/market/item-transfers" to "/market/trade"

- Renamed Oc Transfers to Manual Transfers

- Improved custom sorting of characters on the user dashboard. You're now able to insert a selected character to the left or right of another character!

- Reordered currencies on the user dashboard to "Gold Coin - Event Ticket - Chronopod Voucher - Status Berry Voucher"

- The species option on the masterlist advanced search is now a dropdown

- Increased the currency amount before getting shortened from 999 to 9,999 on the user dashboard

- Added a button to select all messages on the message center page

- Added filtering options to the message center page

- Added a new flag "Account Bound" on characters that can be set when creating new characters or toggled on the character page. Account Bound characters can't be traded in the new trading system

- Updated Discord rules

- Site rules have been updated. Be sure to read over to check for any changes and you are up to date on the current rules.


Trading characters

- Characters are frozen so that they can't be modified in any way until the trade has been either cancelled or completed

- Character bound items are always traded with the character

- User bound items are automatically moved back to your inventory when the character is frozen

- Tradeable items can be either transferred with the character, or automatically moved back to your inventory when the character is frozen

- Trades that contain characters need to go through admin approval as a final step before being completed

- Characters that are entered into the Love Raffle are automatically removed when they're frozen


Trade History

- Your trade history is now sortable by when it was last updated
- Your trade history is now filterable by type and status
- Your trade history is now searchable by users and content
- A page refresh is no longer necessary when changing pages



The following items have been removed from the item lists, since they do not count as items:

Time Flower - Nursery Item
Time Flower - Stage 1
Time Flower - Stage 2
Time Flower - Stage 3
Time Pool - Nursery Item
Time Pool - Stage 1
Time Pool - Stage 2
Time Pool - Stage 3
Time Tree - Nursery Item
Time Tree - Stage 1
Time Tree - Stage 2
Time Tree - Stage 3



- Fixed bug where you couldnt shop as a Griffian in the pet shop
- Chronopod and Status Berry vouchers are once again visible on the user dashboard
- Footer is no longer hosting a broken link to feedback


- Users are commonly reporting red errors or token mismatch errors. The page has simply timed out. Refresh the page and then submit.
- All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.