Devlog [062521]

Sindonic - Jun 26th 2021 02:12


- Lore - Added to Facets
- Art - Skeletons added to Facets
- Art - Header Facets
- Users can now credit artist for Avatar, Form 1, and Form 2. Updating credits on the offical slot needs to be done by a moderator go to errors. 



- The Mastlist image display has been changed from 600x300 to 500x500. This has improved image scale. This has been updated automatically

- Under Prefrences there is now an option to add an aditional email or change your account email. We have done this instead of two factor identification. If you have multiple primary emails consider attaching them. This will insure you have a backup if needed. 

- It is now possible to open multiple containers at once.

- Prototype Parasplicer is now known as Prometheus Parasplicer - Suggested by kjoker95 with

- Prototype Casters are now known as Sirius Casters - Suggested by Saikuronciity with

- Prototype Foolees are now known as Fest Foolees - Suggested by Lunarnorthstar with 

- Prototype Bavoms are now known as Hunter Bavoms - Suggested by Proscrastinationdoods and taaken with and 

- Ping Role in discord has been changed to news. 



- All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.




- The shrine Comment will stay open for the rest of the month, for those who participated in the games but forgot to submit their comments. Happy Spirit Pead hunting!
- If you got skipped or were asked to fixed your entries for the event. Send us a message in errors and we will look into it.
- The poll for the item descriptions is running here: it closes on the 27th