Devlog [061121]

Sindonic - Nov 7th 2021 06:48


Item - Pixi Plush- Wyrme
Item - Pixi Plush- Pupo
Item - Pixi Plush- Cerva
Item - x2 Full Art  cards
Item - x5 New Gambit Cards (Purple)
Item - x4 New Npc Cards
Item - x13 Orivember horoscope cards
Item - x5 Orivember Symbol Cards
Item - x2 Card Packs added
Item - Swol - Pisum
All active items with missing "How to obtain" have been updated
All Cards have been added to the void well
Perk - New mutation perk added to mascots. Tendrils
"Tendrils" Added to all exsisting Mascots who was missing it



Pixi Plushie Fe - Recieved new art
Mycakit Plushie Mycamew - Recieved new art
Ealeg Plushie Snapper - Recieved new art
Riceraptor Plushie Animated - Recieved new art
All Gambit Cards - Recieved new art

Page - Winflower has been updated

Winflower now lets you choose how many rolls you want to excecute per roll. 1 Roll is 50, the amount has not changed.

Limited rewards are now shown at the bottom of the page instead of text. It is visually showing you which reward you can get. ( If an item is grey that means you can not get it again until the game resets)

Rewards now show as text in the upper left corner to mimic how prizes are listed in other games and Item containers.

Dev Note: We have gotten a lot of feedback about the changes to Winflower. We have read them and are aware of the issues. There were some technical reasons why the interface was changed. We are working on better solutions to show the items earned from WF in future user logs were people can see their own personal information. Please be patient with us while we account for both the code and the feedback. Not all changes can be executed quickly. Please continue to provide feedback. 



Style Prompt - Wording was clarified to better explain how winners are determined


Site function changes

The following Games and activities now require a deviantART account to be linked to your World of Griffia User account.

- Game - Winning flower
- Game -  Love Raffle (when it is automated)
- Game - Treasure hunt
- Market - Void well
- Market - Shops
- Market - Item Transfers



- All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.
- All partuicipation critters banked for those who were missing it
- All forms have been added to masterlist
- The love raffel will be automated for the games weekly reset on monday 

Duncan is busy with some new discoveries he promised to be back for orivember. No new pets reset on the 1st