Devlog [05.02.23]

Sindonic - May 2nd 2023 07:30


Hello, Sprouts!

We are so glad you guys are enjoying the game and participating. We actively monitor the number of submissions in an approval section, and Trials were super popular in March. We would love it if that continues, but we aren't currently set up for the volume, and unfortunately, Trial Approvals are at capacity. We knew this was coming, as it has happened before in (Transfers, Love Items, Design Approval, and Time Loot) but this one snuck up on us a little, which is why this is so sudden. As you all know, we have been actively working on a system for us to use to automate all approvals. This system is partially ready; it currently cannot award Familiar Gifts but can award Diplomas and other items. We have been looking at our options since we have to address this immediately, and we have a temporary system and solution, which we will outline in this update. We immediately need to switch to the unfinished approval system to adjust the flow to help the Trial Moderators, even though our workaround is clunky. Users know we try our best to ensure users have 30 days for updates, but that is not an option in this situation since that would prolong the stress on the approval section and make it worse. We do not like to publish incomplete features, but we cannot wait any longer.

We are confident that completed automation will address this issue in the long term. Users should note that this update's changes are temporary, and everything will return to normal once the new system is complete. This is very much us making a workaround on the fly. We appreciate everyone's cooperation and understanding as we transition to this rough version of on-site Trial Approval. We do not have an ETA on the arrival of the final form of the system just yet. Still, we will keep users' updated.

Trial Hub - Live
The Trial Hub has changed to direct users to the new temporary Trial Hub with our active Trials during this period.

Temporarily Closing Non-Essential Trials - Live
Rather than impose a maximum amount of Trial Submissions per month. We will temporarily close the following Trials to cut the flow of approvals. We are closing them because they currently do not unlock portions of gameplay. We felt this was more agreeable to the users and easier to compensate. We do not like closing content, even if it is unfinished. If our other measures help significantly, these will return online as soon as possible. Just keep in mind these Trials are not gone forever; they are coming back as soon as the on-site Trial Approval is completed.

Affected Trials and Classes:
- Ally Trial.
- Occupation Trial.
- Builder Trial.
- Mining Trial.
- Adventure Trial.
- Elemental Totem Class.
- Cropea Class.

Temporarily Closing Companion Trials - Live
These Trials are closed until further notice. The automation process is not set up yet to accept submissions for Griffolk and Companions simultaneously while awarding the correct prizes to the correct Griffian. So we are prioritizing Griffolk. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can still do these Trials; they just won't be approved yet. Please save your Companion Trials till the system is complete.

Fundamental "Continental" Trials - Live
We will temporarily require users to complete the standard and advanced versions of these Fundamental Trials simultaneously to limit the number of temporary submission pages we need to make manually. We can only host one submission form per page. Users typically complete these Trials together anyway, so we felt this would be a community-friendly solution to reducing total submissions.

Affected Trials:
- Farming and Adv Farming.
- Fishing and Adv Fishing.
- Gardening and Adv Gardening.

Note: If users have already done one of the Trials above and are just submitting for the Advanced Trial. They only need to draw one image. Edit: These users can submit these in Trial Approval as well; they will create an item error that the mod fixes manually. If users have multiple Diplomas, Scrolls, or Tokens, Contact Us.  These users can submit these by going to General Support in Contact Us.


Magic Familiar Gifts Received in Trials - Live
Since the Magic Familiars Gifts cannot be awarded through the current system's submission form and we are trying to reduce manual processes, we have made a workaround. Currently, users get gifts in their user/character inventory banked by Mods. Now users will get Magic Familiar Coins. These Coins can be exchanged in one of three temporary shops hosted in the Market Tab. Griffolk can shop in these shops if they have a matching Familiar Bangle. Users can then exchange these Coins for the appropriate gift. Users will get x1 Coin Familiar (this name is for speed banking) for each familiar present in the artwork that users have unlocked. Mods are still banking this manually, but not having to switch between items in the index will cut time significantly. If we cannot find another use for these items, we will retire this currency after the system is complete.

Note: We know this creates a loophole that allows users to buy whatever Familiar Gift they want as long as they have the correct Bangle. This is just a necessary evil of the temporary system; no workaround would efficiently prevent this.

Soulbond Trial Change - Live
We intended to change Soulbond Trial in the future anyway, but we are doing it now. As some users will recall, we are working on a Relationship System allowing users to attach Griffians through the Relationship Tab on the Masterlist. Ally Trial will unlock the ability to add your or your friend's characters, while Soulbond will be similar but has the extra Soulbond Bonus. We are removing the collab requirement for Soulbond Trial for good. It will not return when we remove the temporary system. The submission box only takes one submission, and in general, this is less confusing. So for user's purposes, Soulbond Trial unlocks the ability to have a Soulbond and nothing else.

Since the system is not set up to pair Griffians for users, users must manually pair their Griffolk once they unlock the Soulbond Diploma. They can do so here.

Or they can wait until the Relationship System is done and apply a Soulbond later.

Soulbond Bonus Work Around - Live
Users can still use their Soulbond Bonus for submitting Trials. Both users must submit artwork separately, even if it is the same image.

Progress Game Work Around - Live
We have shortened the list and removed all inactive Trials from the cycle. Just keep in mind these Trials are not gone forever; they are coming back as soon as the on-site Trial approval is completed. 

Written Trials Work Around - Live
Written artwork submissions do not work through the submission system. Written submissions can be submitted here. This link is on the Temporary Trail Hub.

Griffon Form Work Around - Live
Griffon form cannot be earned during this process. Users can do the "Token - Ready, Set, GO!" as a workaround in Bays Tokens. This will temporarily be accepted in Activities as proof of Griffon Form being unlocked. Users will still need to unlock Griffon Form when Adventure Trial is back. 

Treasure Hunt Slot Maxing Work Around - Coming
Since we have temporarily closed so many Trials and Classes, we will add a new Token Bundle to Bay's Tokens so that users progressing toward maximum Treasure Hunt slots will not be forced to do some of the more difficult Tokens. 

Thank you for reading.