Devlog [021021]

Sindonic - Oct 3rd 2021 05:01


Item - Winflower Smol
Item - Winflower Swol
Item - Pet Pum
Item - Pet Dwaa
Crafty Corner - Rule added specifying that no form of digital medium is acceptable. 
Love petal has been added to the Winning flower.
Love petal replacement item is the Smol - Winflower
Lore text from Dragon Migration prompt event has been added to Lore Books and NPC pages



- Specification about where art must be uploaded has been added to all rules where art must be submitted. 
- Replacement item for Love Voucher in winning flower changed from Status voucher to Swol - Winflower
- FAQ Designs has been renamed to Cosmetics and includes questions about mutations and splicing


Added to the FAQ

"What are Smols/Swols/Pets good for?"

"Do mutations stay/can I turn them off/ or I need a new item? Can I change mutations once I unlock it?"

"How does splicing work?" 

"what’s the difference between splice fruit and Parasplicer's splicing ability?"


Added to Magic Familiar Class 

If your character has Gifted Status and you want to unlock a second Magic Familiar, you must complete the classa second time. 



- Dev Projects has been updated
- Final Typo checks for all companion pages complete
- If extra errors are found, Report to errors. 

- There is not going to be some massive expensive ticket prize that will require 100 tickets. Ticket prizes and ticket amounts are always balanced so users have the opportunity to purchase everything within reason.

- All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.