Devlog [01.10.22]

Sindonic - Oct 1st 2022 02:15


We hope you are enjoying your fall/spring season. This is a large update so as usual make sure you read it to completion before proceeding to the change log below.

Magic Familiars

The previously mentioned Magic Familiar Balancing is now live. To see the specific loot pool changes see our last major update:

What to Expect:

Weekly and Monthly Games:
The weekly and monthly games are resetting on the 3rd. Mods have been informed to award duplicated GC if Duo was used in any activity from last month.

Time Loot : Duo still duplicates crates

Approval Changes:
In preparation for this update we have placed more mods in Trial Approval and reviewed our processes so they are optimized for time efficiency. Simply put, for some mods it is faster to award prizes to a Griffolk, for other mods it is faster to award items to the user profile. When mods approvals are moved on site this will change. This is just a temporary solution to save our mods time. The following are the changes to our banking processes:

- Magic Familiar gifts will be added to character inventories upon Trial Approval
- Magic Familiar gifts will be added to the user profile for all other Activities.

Additionally, Frootie and Lucky will both start awarding two of our new items today. However the Griffolk Theme Biscuit will not be usable until 2023! The Hybrid Fruits are usable immediately in love approval.

The Hybrid Fruit is also now transferable.

Monnie got a lot of feedback and we just wanted to make the community aware that we see you in feedback and your concerns about Monnie. Since Monnie directly affects the GC market - and this update is going to significantly impact the economy and players habits. We want to leave the GC rates where they are for now. The GC rates in the games will need a balance pass after this update, as they are balanced for the old familiars perks. We will revisit monnie when we have more data. 

Soulbond Bonus Clarifications

We are in the process of clarifying soulbond bonuses like we have done with mascots and dyes. Expect a guide similar to the Dye Guide soon. We simply ran out of time to meet this update deadline. 

Subtype fruit and Subtype tiers

We got a lot of great feedback about our last update. After reviewing the estimated prices we published vs the feedback received - we totally agree that the Subtype Fruit and its use needs to follow the tier list system that we created with the love voucher redemptions. This was an oversight on our part and we apologize. We need to make sure our decisions all support each other. This means that to go up tiers, you would need more than one Subtype Fruit. This item does not go live until 2023, we may still make adjustments to the economy in general. Below is the list of available exchanges.

Tier 1 - x1 Subtype Fruit:
Bagbean (Fauna, Floral, Nomnom, Abstract, Item, Indigenous)
Bavom (Viking, Gladiator, Pirate, Hunter)
Caster (Capricorn, Aries, Leo, Sirius)
Fashion Fishy (Harbor, Pond)
Foolee (Party, Fest)
Guardian (Land, Dream)
Kryptox (Funtox, Jollytox)
Fornlee (Hexlee, Runelee)
Perfaunt (Ashfaunt, Cruxfaunt)
Parasplicer (Annunaki, Prometheus)
Terradragon (Solid, Ion)

Tier 2 - x2 Subtype Fruit:
Bagbean (Celestial, Elemental, Hollow, Myca, Tribal)
Bavom (Amazon, Valkyrie, Soldier, Mercenary, Ninja)
Caster (Orion, Ophiuchus, Taurus(Love Item TBA)
Fashion Fishy ( River)
Guardian (Sea)
Kryptox (Jestertox)
Fornlee (Witchlee)
Perfaunt (Aurafaunt)
Terradragon ( Liquid, Gas)

Tier 3 - x3 Subtype Fruit:
Bagbean (Mythical, Mythiflora)
Bavom (Berzerker)
Caster (Cetus, Aquarius)
Fashion Fishy (Ocean)
Guardian (Sky)
Kryptox (Trancendtox)
Fornlee (Shamanlee)
Perfaunt (Crystalfaunt)
Terradragon (Plasma

Tier 4 - X4 Subtype Fruit
Guardian (Space)
Kryptox (Mimetox)
Fornlee (Seerlee)
Perfaunt (Voidfaunt)
Foolee (Masque)
Terradragon (Bec)

Tier 5 - X5 Subtype Fruit
Bavom (Knight)

Bio Box for Profile and Masterlist Changes

Previously all editable text boxes on World of Griffia had blocks to limit hyperlinks, images, and emoticons from functioning in our textboxes despite the editors having the capacity to. This was an intentional moderation measure that we put in place to make our transition off DA a little easier by narrowing the scope of our moderation. We are now in a comfortable enough position that we are removing these limitations. These changes will be live soon. 

New Rules

We have updated and added some more specifications to rules. Dye Usage now has its own unique section. To be clear, we have always enforced dye usage the same, and many of the rules in the new Dye Usage Rules were already broadly covered by other rules. This new rule section just makes our enforcement of that area much clearer for members as it directly references the other rules in a more clear way. We have also expanded our rules on what is acceptable in description and bio boxes to compensate for upgrades to all editable text boxes.  

Dye and avatar rules is taking over section 7, which means that some of the other rules will change their numbers and they are the following

  1. Guest Artist Relations -> 8. Guest Artist Relations
    8. Discord Conduct -> 9. Discord Conduct
    9. Disclaimer - >10. Disclaimer
    10. User-Run Activity Rules -> 11. User-Run Activity Rules

Here are links to the new rules Updated 4.9  

Incoming on-site Dye Usage approvals.
On site dye approval will likely be live this month in early October. Please be on the lookout for changes and pings in the discord for this incoming update.

Hollowbean event coming 15th of October

As promised there is a fall event. The event will begin October 15th and will last until it is no longer November 2022. Keep an eye on the calendar for links to the event page when it is live!  We will ping this in discord as well!

December Break 2022

We are approaching the end of the year and we wanted to announce our plans for our annual break.
The mod team will be taking a break from the 15th of December 2022, to January 9th 2023 :D Thank you to our hard working mods who keep the arpg running daily. 

We will use the first week of December to bank the remainder of the event. The weekly games for December are going to be a little different. We are going to extend the game deadlines from a week to a month long games, but with no prizes/chances lost. This means players will still get their usual weekly prizes and mods can return to a smaller workload. Below are more specific details for each activity or service.  

Crafty Corner - Same as usual
Time Loot - Same on the first of December, and January Time Loot has moved to the 9th 2023

ARPG Progress Game - Theme will be Starter Trial, to give users the most time to do this very popular trial and get rewards - You can submit up to 12 characters during this month to this game. Make sure to publish them all in the same comment. We will go back to the normal cycle in January where we left off. 

Style Prompt - One style for the month, but you can enter 4 times. Make sure to publish them all in the same comment.

These ARPG approvals will be closing on 15th, and reopening on the new year:
- Trial Approval
- Token Approval
- Love Item/Mascot/Open Species/Love Petal Approval (Do not send in notes during the break)
- Dye Approval
- Avatar Approval
(anything submitted during break will be declined and you will have to redo it when we open back up to avoid huge backlog)

User Services will still be open during the break, just slower response times
- Q/A
- Account Support
- Discord



Calendar - Added all old events to the calendar (they are not linked yet to their proper pages)
Bavom Griffolk Page completed
Page - Vomseti Yotun Page created - minimal info
Page - Woem Yotun info moved to its own page - minimal info
Page - RNG Yotun info moved to its own page
Page -Avani Yotun info moved to its own page
Page - Subtype Tier lists added to each griffolk pages found in the subtype sections

Perk - All Ninja Bavoms have received mutations paw
Perk - All Bavoms have received the mutation Long
Perk - All Bavoms have received the mutation coat cover
Perk - All Knight Bavoms have received the griffon form
Any exsisting Bavom have gotten the correct perks added to them

Subtype - All old Hunter/prototype bavoms have unlocked aurasprout and bone as a mutation, to use the old look for this subtype still.

Items - Companion card base set x24
Items - Pets, halloween set - crowse, tickle, thiss, web, cubes, scrap, jack, syrup
Items - Companion Base set1 pack
Items - Plusies - Magic familiars x4, Suba, Bernie, florashimi, reefshimi
Items - Trophy - NPC choice award
Items - Document - Subtype certificate
Items - Misc collectibles - Cya Stamp Prancing Pixi figurine
Item - Participation critter 2022
Item - Petition Woem
Item - Subtype Fruit 
Item - Griffolk Theme Biscuit

Love Approval - Subtype and species requirement added to form.


Calendar - Changed out all the icons on calendar
ARPG Progress Game - RNG status berry voucher has changed into berries that will change out monthly. There is also going to be x3 berries given out each week instead of x1 status berry voucher.

Status items can no longer be used in love approval form and has been removed. This is to save the mod time temporarily while we are waiting for on site approvals. We appreciate everyone's understanding in the meantime.


Calendar Bug - Events that span more than a month is not showing up in the next month - This will be updated asap!
Bug- Mascots numbering was incorrect and has been fixed.
Bug- Mascots missing common status has been fixed
Bug- Mascots missing tendrils has been fixed
Bug- Fixed Winflower NPC bloomday link linking to meme instead.

There is a known bug for IOS when unlocking mutations/forms. IOS will select the mutation under the selection you actually made. Unlocking the wrong mutation. Our site does not preform perfectly on IOS or on safari. If you encounter this but, report to Account Support and we will repair it.


All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.