Devlog [010921]

Sindonic - Sep 2nd 2021 04:01


All Older Create Your Own (CYO) have had their color genes added, if you are missing a color gene in the history section. Please, contact errors

All Love Items have had their color genes added to missing  love items, if you are missing a color gene in the history section. Please, contact errors.

Item - Rick Plushie

Item - Floop Dragon Plushie

Art - New Header added to Home 

Eather Boost - Fuana Boost - This boost allows the bag to shift into an actual animal. This has been added to the eather forge. This has been applied to all old Legendaries. If you were missed report to errors. This boost will not count in art as an additional character.



Change - The original Maze on the Bagbean Masterlist have had their Theme set to Maze instead of 1st Anniversary.

Fixed the Duo duplidated information on the other Magic familiars.

Shapeshifter Fruit has been renamed Enchanted Fruit. 



The link bug in games, ARPG, and makert has been fixed. Users can now use the Image links again to navigate to pages. 

Trading Bug - We are seeking more information on the 1 GC trading bug. Members keep an eye on your trades and  if  you encounter this bug please submit a report to feedback with the exact process of what order you clicked and submitted. Be as detailed as possible so our Programmer can keep looking into it.



If void well values are not always 30% this is not a bug. This is inhtentional. The woem decides. He does not like pets, dont throw pets in void well.

All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.