Devlog [01.01.23]

Sindonic - Jan 1st 2023 12:00

Happy New Year, Sprouts!

This update is a summary of incoming changes and information about our re-opening. There are several changes going into effect on the 1st. Before we get into the meat of this update, our wonderful Mods will be returning from break on the 4th of January.

Owners will be taking official time off till February 1st. The owners Griffsnuff, Sindonic, and Kandy-Cube need time to catch up on their own personal backlogs and responsibilities after spending December break to complete the 2022 goals. Work on the backlog will commence on February 1st. We appreciate the community’s understanding in advance, we are sure the community is very aware of how much time needed to be sacrificed last year to complete the Griffolk Pages.

We just wanted to take this opportunity to say we are proud to have completed most if not everything for 2022 right on schedule and we have loved the community’s response to all of the team's hard work.. Thank you, for trusting us to complete our obligations and supporting us throughout last year. Whether you supported us in feedback, comments, by buying adopts, or participating we appreciate the work all of you have done this past year as well.

What should I expect for WG in 2023:
While we have been too busy to make our actual 2023 goal list yet, we know on site approvals for activities and games is the first priority for our programmer. We will focus on updating all the items with flavor text, art and other important info, and the second focus will be updating and clarifying pages, including the Getting started page, navigation and hubs.

We have already started putting disclaimers on pages that are incomplete so users can visually understand information is missing and coming, or lacking. We will talk more about this at length when we know more and when we have the 2023 goals list ready. Please do not be afraid to come ask us for assistance in the Q & A if you cannot find something during this transitional period.

Closings and Removals - Today

- The Criminal Chrono Combo set has been removed from G Mart

- Pop-Up Holiday Shop has closed

- Magic Familiar Exchanges has closed

Market Changes & New Cosmetic Items
The highly anticipated new items are now available in the shop with their full descriptions. Users should be aware when themes are changed for Griffolk, it opens up the themes for other users to use again. Theme Changes will be approved in group notes on DeviantART (for privacy). While the Subtype Fruit will be automated later and is temporarily being approved manually via comment. Both approvals can be found in the ARPG Tab.

Market Changes - Today
For 2023, we will be cycling through all current Pets. This will rotate monthly to give all new players the possibility to collect any pets they have missed.

Market Price Changes - Today

  • Theme Biscuit (Old - 50GC) (New - 300 GC) (Void Value is not changing)
  • Dye Fruit (Old - 150 GC) (New - 300 GC) (Void value is not changing)

New Items Added to the Market G-Mart - Today

  • Griffolk Theme Biscuit 20,000 GC
  • Subtype Fruit 30,000GC
  • Hybrid Fruit 20,000 GC
  • Golden Hybrid Fruit 100,000 GC
  • Gene Fruit 500 GC

New Cosmetic Items for Ticket Booths - Today
We have added Hopper, Orm, Novinaut and Pleasiopod fruits to the game. We have done this to save ourselves time in future events.  These items can only be purchased in Event booths with tickets.

Treasure Bean Removal - Today
We told users in a previous update to hold onto their Treasure Beans and Keys because we were going to be liquidating them into GC and removing them from the game. Here are the following values. We hope this boosts all of your GC hoards for the New Year!


Treasure Bean -  250 GC
Bean Key - 250 GC
Treasure Jar - 500 GC

Related Changes:

Treasure items have been removed from Treasure Hunt and replaced with the following GC rate:   

Treasure Bean - 300 GC
Bean Key - 150 GC

- Treasure items have been removed from the Leed Gift and no item will not be replaced, so all Chronopod Gifts have a similar amount of reward items.

- Treasure items have been removed from the H&B Surprise Crate and will not be replaced.

- Treasure items in the Token Bundles have been replaced with x2 Uber Water.

- Treasure items in Winning Flower have been replaced with x1 Companion Theme Biscuit and x1 Tamer Fruit.

Rebase Policy - Today

From 2023 onward, users will no longer need to go through Dye Approval if they have acquired rebases/art from Artists even if the design changed. We will now automatically add the rebase to the Design Approval History as “Rebase”.

Companion Changes

Companion Tier System - Today
Tier 1 

  • Floop (Floophorse, Floopfish, Floopelf)
  • Paraglire (Pararamus, Paramice, Parapika)
  • Kittecurra (Hunter)
  • Relic (Relicdeer)
  • Riceraptor (Animated)
  • Seashimi (Puffshimi)
  • Eek (Keiser)
  • Facet (Crown, Whap)
  • Pixi (Fe)
  • Mycakit (Mycamew)
  • Bunble (bunblebee)
  • Cafluffle (Garden)
  • Reed (Shep)
  • Terrakami (Terraneck, Terrapod)
  • Geotura (Pebble)
  • Pelsaur (Omega)
  • Snych (Cave, Plains, Polar, Coastal, Desert)
  • Dystbunny (Ball, String, Buntton)

Tier 2

  • Floop (Flooperus, Floopicorn)
  • Paraglire (Paraglider, Pararider)
  • Kittecurra (Cleaner, Compost)
  • Relic (Relicelk)
  • Riceraptor (Crafted)
  • Seashimi (Florashimi, Reefshimi)
  • Eek (sultan)
  • Facet (Diamon)
  • Pixi (Cerva, Pupo)
  • Ursaraptor (Major)
  • Mycakit (Mycaliger)
  • Bunble (Bunblebeetle, Bunblelepi)
  • Cafluffle (Speeder, Magneroo)
  • Reed (Vix, Bolster)
  • Terrakami (Terramind, Tumtank)
  • Geotura (Boulder)
  • Pelsaur (Beta)

Tier 3

  • Floop (Floopdragon)
  • Paraglire (Pararaf)
  • Kittecurra (Collector)
  • Relic (Relikirin)
  • Riceraptor (Origami)
  • Seashimi (Warriorshimi)
  • Facet (Karat)
  • Pixi (Wyrme)
  • Bunble (Bunbleelf, Bunblefairy, Bunbledragon)
  • Cafluffle (Mega)
  • Reed (Royal)
  • Terrakami (Terraelder)
  • Pelsaur (Alpha)

Open Species - Today

We are changing the Open Species Approval Process to be identical to love item approval to make all character approval systems identical.

Before/ Manual Approval: Open Species had to be drawn on a provided base, they could have any design.

New Manual Approval/ On-Site Approval: All Open Species made using current approval must draw their own art, and the artist must pick a Gene Color.

Open Species and Tokens - Coming - 30+ Days Notice

Once the Token Interface is automated we will no longer allow Open Species to redeem token bundles, they can still participate but get no prizes. Currently, each user can get the Token Bundle prizes with 1 Ealeg, 1 Dystbunny, 1 Snych and 1 Rootalp. This is currently manually tracked.

For the future of Tokens, It is better for us to just eliminate this loophole in the code entirely then spend the time programming this exception in for automation. Users can still earn Tokens and Token Bundle Prizes with Open Species up till the automation is complete. We do not have an ETA on the completion of this automation, but this is the members 30 day notice. It may not be complete in 30 days from now, but if you want to take advantage of this system before it is coded out, do it before February 1st to be safe.

Approval Comments - January 4th

All manual approval comments can now be found on the Hub pages unless the activity has been moved to on-site approvals. Once you know the rules there is no need to open the pages since the themes for some games are always listed in the comments linked in the approval pages. This is to reduce the amount of pages you must open, and to make them less hidden. Once they all get on-site approvals, the approval process will happen on the approval pages.



- Masterlist - Gene Color tab added to masterlist

- Page - Gene Color page has been created


- Open Species companion page has been updated

- Trials and Tokens have been moved over to the Games Tab.

- Icons have been added for all pages in the ARPG Tab.