Companion Update #1

Meme - May 21st 2020 00:38

Hello, Sprouts! Meme here reporting in with the news!
The changes in this news update will go live on June 1st 2020.

Let's get right into it. From now on each month we will be celebrating a specific Griffian. Guest Artists will be exclusively making the Griffian of the month during that month. The owners Sindonic, Kandy-cube and griffsnuff will still make all Griffians, but they too will also be focusing of the Griffian of the month.

There are so many wonderful species in this world, learning more about them will be fun. We have already started releasing plushies of the month through the Crafty Corner game. This plushie collectible will now correspond to the Griffian that is chosen of the month.


June 2020 will be the month of the Eek! 

The Keiser Eek plushie will be made for Crafty Corner.

Lore bits and info for each Subtype of Eek will be filled out on the newly updated companion pages. All companion pages will have lore/info filled out starting in June, even if they are not the Griffian of the month. Even if the Griffian has all it's info, we will still focus on additional lore, creation stories, fun facts, and extra GIC cards.

There is more!

To celebrate all this Companion love, while working on the ARPG’s other parts, the Love Petal will be available for redemption starting in June. Many players already have Love Petals in their banks from when they were Uber Tamer Fruit. Love Petals will be added to loot pools at a later date. Additionally, companions will now be able to complete the trials listed below, to earn ribbons for their Masterlists.


Gardening (does not get a time activity)

Advanced Gardening (will be able to gain the tool)
Fishing (does not get a time activity)

Advanced Fishing  (will be able to gain the tool)
Farming (does not get a time activity)

Advanced Farming  (will be able to gain the tool)

Adventure (does not get uber item bonuses)


If your Companion is tamed to a Griffolk and the Griffolk/Companion has not yet finished the Trials above, they can both be drawn in the same Trial for their rewards. If they are not tamed you can complete a Trial with only a companion.


A Companion specific game is being released called Companion Favor. To talk more about this I have interviewed Hugo the Parabara,

Meme's Interview with Hugo the Parabara


It has been a long time since Spring Carnival so it is so good to see you Hugo! I see Quest is here translating for you today. Companionee is such a different language from mine and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to talk to you. So tell me Hugo, what is this exciting new game?”

  “Well it is a pretty HUGE deal, I'm holding a weekly game just for Companions. We haven’t had a game exclusive for just Companions in a while, and I wanted to change that. Cause frankly, its kinda rude guys. Come on Griffia, we are better than this.”
"Really!? What? ONLY Companions? Do they have to be registered to a Griffolk to play???”  
  “No, but they do need to be on the World of Griffia Masterlist."
"Oh that's really handy to know. So, tell me what are the rewards for this Companion exclusive game?"  

" Well, this is where it gets fun! Each week I will ask my fellow Companions to do a simple task, if done properly the Companion will get 50 GC. That is a lot for a little "Companions" Bezel-bank. I also heard that if you follow the weekly theme Companions will get a total of 100 GC.

That is not even the best part, if Companions are drawn with a NPC as well you get a total 150 GC! It is just a small reward for helping the NPC’s that make our communities great. That Bezel-bank is going to break before you know it!

Every week a random Companion participating in my game, will win a Ribbon. This Ribbon is called the Favor Ribbon, it will be attached to the Companion's Masterlist as a little reward to show you are the winner of Companion Favor

"Oh, WOW! That’s a really good sounding game! Can you use Sidekicks, like Magic Familiars?"  
  "Meme.. Companions cannot have Sidekicks. Sidekicks and Familiars do not work with my game, even if your Griffolk is present."
"That makes a lot of sense, but can you tell me a bit more about these Ribbons?"  
  "Yes, it would be my pleasure. Ribbons are Companion documentation that they completed Activ ities. These Ribbons show the hard work a Companion has done and will be shown proudly on their Masterlist. 

I hate to cut you off now, but I really have to go. I'm getting sleepy again.
“Oh! Thank you for your time and for this interview. I am sure my many readers will find this news very informative!”  

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