News - January 15 2020

Sindonic - Jan 15th 2020 21:42

Hello, Sprouts 

The server is live meaning we have changed how art is uploaded to WG. Below is a tutorial on how to upload art. This section is for Avatar, Form 1, and Form 2. These changes will still be approved by a moderator but that will now be through the site. Changes to offical art still need to be made here:

A few people had questions about the size of the art shown on a Griffian's ML after the update. Those who right-click and choose View Image/Open Image in another Tab noticed that the image received remains the same size as what is displayed on the Masterlist itself, rather than the full-size as it does on DA.

That does not mean you cannot view the fullsize image! When you right-click and choose View Image/Open Image in another Tab you will get a URL like this: To view the fullsize version, simply swap out the word "medium" in the URL to the word "original". You will be able to view it in the original size it was stored as. The images are displayed in a smaller format on the site because we are hosting them on a server now. The Masterlist is intended to be a resource for information more so than a full gallery portfolio like DA. Both sizes for the file are available using the above changes!