News - Febuary 23 2020

Sindonic - Feb 17th 2020 22:45


 Hello, Sprouts! Meme here reporting with exciting news! 

A portion of the automated market is ready to go live. Players will now be able to instantly purchase items and have them in their bank, ready for use! The automatic Eather Forge and Hoobus and Boobus shack are not ready for this update and will come at a later time. Chrono ComboItem Shop | Pet Shop. As well we have now automated voucher exchanges  Chronopod Stand | Love Stand | Berry Stand. We are so excited about this update and hope you are too! 

On this same topic, players need to be aware that some of the prices in the Market may increase slightly in the future. Also, Fauna Bagbeans used to have a perk in the Pet Shop where they got a discounted price. This perk will be discontinuing on the 25th of March and is only available in the old pet shop on DA. It is not available in the automated pet store.

Status Berries
We are still observing the economy as a part of our upcoming update but we have decided to lower the rates of the Status Berry Voucher in Winning Flower. It is awarding too many. This will occur on the 25th of March. As well, now certain berries will require more than one voucher to redeem them. Players have until 25th of March to take advantage of the 1 voucher for 1 status berry rate. 

Post-March 25th Prices: 
1 Voucher = 1 of the following: Charmed, Jinxed, Fooled, Enchanted
2 Voucher = 1 of the following: Cursed, Blessed, Magical, Buffed
3 Voucher = 1 of the following: Gifted, Other TBA Statuses
4 Voucher = 1 of the following: Royal

We are still archiving and transferring everything to World of Griffia. This is a friendly reminder that you have 10 days from the 25th of Febuary to collect any Magic Familiar Bonuses from January and Decembers games that used to be hosted on AnubianEmpire or FluffleTales. We want to archive them so please put your comments in. 

Bot and His Chronopods
As some of you have probably noticed Bot our friendly Chronopod collector has been absent. He has been on an extended vacation while we're working on the Game Update. That or the Seads took him, hostage, we aren't sure. Regardless he seems to have shut down his raffle. He is working on a new project on the side but in the meantime, he will be appearing around the DA Group and leaving free Chronopods for users to claim. If you see GriffiaBot out leaving Chronopods be sure to snatch one! (Yes, this is the return of the Chronopod scavenger hunt!) 

Companions and Themes
As many players will recall companions lost their themes during the Master List Fire of 2018. We did this to save on upload time and we had decided that Companions should remain themeless forever. However, we have been talking and have decided that themes are important to Griffians flavor and lore. We have decided to give themes back to companions, the difference now is that they can be duplicated and everyone will be able to choose a new theme to any companion they currently own. We will not be going back and giving companion's their old themes. Which means owners can choose a new one or keep the old one. You can go do that here in the Companion Theme Redemption comment. Note: Once the theme is set a new one cannot be chosen. So choose wisely. This now means, for example, there could be 100 Pixis with the theme strawberry. The themes are also still subject to our other restrictions.

We have begun moving item approval over to WG. These are located under the ARPG Tab. We are just mentioning it now so players can get familiar with their placement even though they are a WIP.

Dye Usage
Item Usage
Love Item Usage

FAQ and Other

The FAQ has also been updated. The ARPG Tab in the FAQ is incomplete and will be updated later, but please feel free to reference it. If there is something that you feel is missing from the FAQ please let us know in the Feedback Box

And one last thing! We made a recent changelog saying that love item vouchers were switched to currency. This had an unforeseen effect on users who owned Love Items with statuses attached. Yikes! So we had to put the love voucher back under Love Item in the bank to repair the issue. It will remain there until there is an opportunity to edit the code. Sorry if we gave anyone a scare! It is fixed now and everything should be ok. 

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