News - December 8 2019

griffsnuff - Dec 8th 2019 14:59

Hello Sprouts!

A quick update about our visual master list. The links are stable right now but we want to ensure our masterlist’s stability for the future. We will be moving images to a server setup rather than using DA links. We are doing this simply as a precaution,
when looking into a few reported broken image links reported by a sprout we found an issue with those url links that were saved prior to the WIX rework. Though all saved links post change to WIX in our system have had no issues reported as of this update you are reading, we have looked into longer-term image storage so that no matter if WIX or eclipse changes, we can ensure the storage of Masterlist Images. In order to do this, we have made the decision to purchase a dedicated server for all hosting of Masterlist Images. Though it was not our intention to ever become a hosting site when we started this journey.

We backed up all masterlist art as of 12/07/19, so the entire masterlist is secure. All uploads to the visual masterlist will continue as normal. We will be adding an upload function to the actual masterlist - rather than doing it through approvals. The upload will include a disclaimer asking that you give permission for us to host it. Once submitted it will go to an area on the site where it will be approved by a mod. You will still be able to remove art you gave us permission to use at any time. If you do not want your art currently hosted on our servers please contact us and we will remove it right away. 

Thank you for your patience while we transition to a server setup. The lastest we are shooting for the new code to be implemented by is January 1st but we will let members know if there are any other hiccups.

On a related note, after much discussion we have decided we want to prioritize avatars and official art, so we will not be hosting trial art as we had intended. We will need to revise the art sections and functions of the Masterlist to account for these changes.

Disclaimer: We only host art that we have permission to host from the original artist. This means that if the original artist at any time want their art taken down from our site for any reason, we will remove it. You can contact us by noting our Group