Changelog - December 2 2019

Sindonic - Dec 2nd 2019 23:34

We are happy to announce the deleted art for Cafflufles and Parasplicers has been added. The original artist contacted us and reuploaded everything.


-Improved owner searching! You're now able to search for "linked", "unlinked" or "both" owners, as well as a selection for strict or regular search. Strict means the owner username has to match exactly.
-Added a star icon next to linked owners.

-Fixed masterlist link on the player page displaying characters you don't own.
-With the shift to the visual masterlist, there was a small bug in pending claims submitted by sprouts. The code for claims was referencing the temp masterlist when checking if the entry still existed, causing it to not properly submit for approval. If you submitted for a ML claim before Dec. 1st and have not been approved yet, please re-submit your claim. Thank you!



-Improved the edit mode button design to hopefully make it easier to notice it and intuit what it does.
-Added text to the registration form explaining that WG usernames needs to match DA usernames.
-Added a "Getting started" resource page, accessed from the homepage sidebar.
-Newly registered users get redirected to the getting started page (it is currently empty).