April 2022 Update

Sindonic - Apr 6th 2022 21:47

Hello, Sprouts

This is a large update accompanied by a dev log so don’t forget to read both. 

Auto Transfers

Clarification: All transfers of characters are still approved by a mod. Automated transfers refers to automation of the mod's process on the back end. 

Automated transfers are here. We will be publishing the feature this week to the site. However, we are still in the testing phase and users will need to continue to use DA Manual Transfers for character transfers. Automated character transfers are built into the item trading system, meaning that until this testing phase is done, all item transfers are down. We appreciate everyone’s patience with us during this time.

Unofficial Design Commissions

We sent out a PSA in the Bagbean's discord about safe commissioning practices. Making art/designs for Griffolk that aren't on the ML should be avoided. Best practice is to let the user get their theme and ML uploaded first to avoid issues. We try to be very open with our policy but users are purchasing designs from other users before they have gotten their Love items approved and ML created. This is creating conflict we don’t want users going after artists, so we are going to make it against the rules to make Unofficial Griffians before it has a masterlist to save users and mods time resolving these issues. We intend to enforce this to protect everyone in the community. This rule has been added to section 4.10 in the rules.

Love Approval Clarification

For years we have gotten feedback to remove the art requirement for love approval. So we are clarifying why we need the artwork.

Why we need it: 

- Ensuring users are a real person and can follow instructions.
- So Mods know you are redeeming the right character, species, and subtype.
- You understand the base mutations and statuses.
- Adding art makes modding this process easier

Since we are removing the ability for users to commission someone for a design that does not have a masterlist, we are updating the rules in Love Approval. Users from now on must provide their own artwork and we will decline bases, traced images, and commissioned art.  

Love Petal changes

Due to popular demand we are changing Love Petal redemption. Companions can now be redeemed as a gene color OR the natural coat. But not both, if users choose the gene color they must use dye items to draw the character as a natural coat companion in the future if they want that look. 

Drop Box

Finishing up here, I am sure you all have noticed we haven't updated since February. Between traveling, one of the owners got Covid. We are behind schedule but we have taken the opportunity to address our file management. Griffia is a lot of files and it has gotten to the point where we need to upgrade. We are going to be moving 6 years of stuff into Dropbox. Wish us good luck.

Happy 20K Griffians created on our masterlists! There may or may not be something sneaky on the site. That is the question of 2022!