2021 Fall and Winter News

griffsnuff - Sep 15th 2021 01:27

Hello Sprouts!

We are hard at work on our backlog and we have decided to host some smaller prompt events for the rest of the year, since we did not plan on creating another big one. In these prompt events you can collect tickets, unlock forms, and purchase collectibles. Instead of these being a surprise we wanted to test out announcing them ahead of time. A prompt event has no extra games, so stay tuned for some relaxing art time, fun lore, and cute collectibles to match the event themes! You will be getting to know some of the NPC’s as well.

Dragon Migration | September 15 - September 30 

Hollowbanes Day | October 15 - October 31

Orivember | November 15 - November 30

Time Gala | December 15 - December 31 ( Mod activity might be reduced during the holidays)


Hope you all have a splendid rest of 2021 and thank you for being part of this developing ARPG :D! 

- griff