Devlog [03.08.22]

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Sindonic - Aug 3rd 2022 04:15
General fixes, tox petition results, item categorization changes

Devlog [15.07.22]

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Sindonic - Jul 15th 2022 04:07
Perfaunt page has been completed, Kryptox subtype errors, General QoL changes from feedback

Devlog [30.06.22]

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Sindonic - Jun 30th 2022 02:45
Calendar, Twitter widget added, messaging center improvements, Kryptox page published, Tox Petition

Devlog [01.06.22]

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Sindonic - Jun 2nd 2022 01:19
Love Item Voucher Rate Change, Crafty Corner and Style Prompt Swap, V-Mart Introduced, Parasplicer Page Complete

Devlog [21.05.22]

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Sindonic - May 22nd 2022 01:21
Mutation Combining, Bug fixes

Devlog [10.04.22]

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Sindonic - Apr 10th 2022 07:05
Trading Updates, Rule Changes, Character Management improvement's,

April 2022 Update

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Sindonic - Apr 6th 2022 21:47
Auto Transfers, New Rules, Clarifications, Drop Box, Delays

2022 Pre Update

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griffsnuff - Jan 13th 2022 00:05

Happy New Year,

It has been a while since we did a news update and we wanted to take the opportunity to announce our plans for 2022 that need attention. In 2021 we finished some of our planned automations, introduced a lot of new items, lore, and art, and completed some of our massive backlog. We completed the Companion resource pages which took most of last year. Even with the amount of backlog that we have been working on, the ARPG and group has been a blast to run. With our super efficient mod team and amazing community we have had a great year. The community has submitted great feedback throughout 2021 which a lot of was either implemented or added to our future todolists. So keep the feedback coming!