2022 Pre Update

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griffsnuff - Jan 13th 2022 00:05

Happy New Year,

It has been a while since we did a news update and we wanted to take the opportunity to announce our plans for 2022 that need attention. In 2021 we finished some of our planned automations, introduced a lot of new items, lore, and art, and completed some of our massive backlog. We completed the Companion resource pages which took most of last year. Even with the amount of backlog that we have been working on, the ARPG and group has been a blast to run. With our super efficient mod team and amazing community we have had a great year. The community has submitted great feedback throughout 2021 which a lot of was either implemented or added to our future todolists. So keep the feedback coming!

2021 Fall and Winter News

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griffsnuff - Sep 15th 2021 01:27

Hello Sprouts!

We are hard at work on our backlog and we have decided to host some smaller prompt events for the rest of the year, since we did not plan on creating another big one. In these prompt events you can collect tickets, unlock forms, and purchase collectibles. Instead of these being a surprise we wanted to test out announcing them ahead of time. A prompt event has no extra games, so stay tuned for some relaxing art time, fun lore, and cute collectibles to match the event themes! You will be getting to know some of the NPC’s as well.

Dragon Migration | September 15 - September 30 

Fool's Garden Task

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Sindonic - Apr 12th 2021 10:36
Winners of the Fool's Garden Task

Treasure Hunt

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griffsnuff - Mar 29th 2021 11:19

Hello, Sprouts!

We have some exciting news today! We have completed the automated version of Treasure Hunt for the site. Participation no longer needs to be approved through DeviantART comments and users can now play it each week just by having an account on our site and an approved Griffolk.

News - December 16 2020

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Sindonic - Dec 16th 2020 21:54
2020 Christmas Break, Pet Shop changes, and new Love Items

Pre 2021 Update

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griffsnuff - Dec 3rd 2020 19:11


Hello Sprouts, 

This news update is a heads up for upcoming content for 2021. Also we are going on our annual holiday break December 15th - January 4th. Mods will be returning on the 4th of January. Time Loot for January will be done on January 10th instead of the 1st so keep a close eye on the Griffia Discord. The extension will give mods time to catch up on all jobs related to Time Loot and give users extra time to prepare coming back from their own holidays.

Other things to be aware of. Games will not be closing for the break!
Weekly games will be updated and re-opened each week but they will not be banked until the Mods return on the 4th.

Magic Familiar Redemption Change

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Sindonic - Nov 11th 2020 19:44

Hello Sprouts!

We are making some changes to how Magic Familiars are redeemed to further streamline the process for users. Users will no longer need to go to Magic Familiar Redemption to get their Magic Familiar gifts banked. Instead they will be banked automatically with activities and games upon approval. We will be updating all of the comments to reflect this, the old chain will still be open until November 25th. 

Item Trades and Transfer News

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griffsnuff - Oct 28th 2020 04:03

Hello Sprouts

We are excited to announce the newest automated site feature. The alpha version of automated item transfers. This feature is now live under the ARPG tab, located in market area here:

Current Features:
Users can now transfer as many items as they want to any World of Griffia user, so long as the item is transferable. Once a trade is initiated the other user has the option to accept,decline trades from the item transfers page. Users also have the additional option of adding items to the trade for easy item-swapping. The item transfer page stores a log of all your current and previous transactions and all trades are logged in our servers.

Weekly Game Update 2 and Time Loot changes

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griffsnuff - Oct 11th 2020 07:42

Hello sprouts! 

Changes to Games Schedule
Before we go any deeper into it we have made a calendar that visually explains the monthly and weekly schedule for the foreseeable future.


Devlog [151221]

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Sindonic - Dec 15th 2021 09:14
Fashion Fishy Page Complete, New Pets, Time Gala, Bugs

Devlog [151121]

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Sindonic - Nov 15th 2021 13:46
Back logging, Mus, Species name Changes, Taurus reintroduced.

Devlog [061121]

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Sindonic - Nov 7th 2021 06:48
Announcments, WF changes, Item Additions, Love Raffle automation.

Devlog [231021]

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Sindonic - Oct 24th 2021 04:59
General changes, NPC Additions, Auto Mutations Added

Devlog [021021]

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Sindonic - Oct 3rd 2021 05:01
Items, General Changes, Winning Flower Adjustments, Archiving, FAQ updates

Devlog [140921]

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Sindonic - Sep 15th 2021 01:16
General Changes, Bugs, Item Additions

Devlog [010921]

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Sindonic - Sep 2nd 2021 04:01
Gene Color backlog complete, items, general changes, bug reports, feedback

Devlog [270821]

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Sindonic - Aug 27th 2021 18:28
Quality of Life Changes, ARPG Separated into Game, Market, Home Page Update

Devlog [130821]

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Sindonic - Aug 14th 2021 07:16
Companion Backlog Complete, Project Progress Page, Item Backlog complete.